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Tannie80 started new topic Internet help please

I cannot log onto my Facebook or Internet Banking or hotmail. The bar at the top keeps going red and I get a warning not to proceed as their safety certificate (or something like that) has expired....

Tuesday 20 November 07:28am

Tannie80 replied to topic Family Tax Benefit

Thank you for that. I have done my tax assessment but i have to lodge it. I am getting a measly 300 back.

Sunday 22 July 08:38am

Tannie80 started new topic Family Tax Benefit

When does this get balanced? I have heard nothing of an overpayment or and underpayment as yet from c'link. Anyone else still waiting?

Sunday 22 July 06:22am

Tannie80 replied to topic Barcode promotion 2012

How about a promotion for the kids who wear drynites as well? I have contacted the promoters and have had no reply at all. They are made by the same people so why do the bigger kids have to miss ...

Wednesday 18 July 08:02pm

Tannie80 replied to topic Finally did something for myself was pretty fun having to choose what outfit to wear and also what scene to use.

Thursday 12 July 06:37pm

Tannie80 started new topic Finally did something for myself

I got a Pin Up Girl photo done! The pic on my profile is just the one the lady has used for her advertising.....and I should have my other pics back in 2-3 weeks time. I am so excited to see the ot...

Wednesday 11 July 08:18pm

Tannie80 replied to topic Thumb sucking

Thanks everyone. She gave up her blanky on her own but I was just being mean and taking her teddy. She has not been bothered by teddy 'going missing'. I have considered the oil stuff on her thumb...

Tuesday 10 July 06:26am

Tannie80 started new topic Thumb sucking

My daughter is 5 and sucks her thumb......I took away her 'nigh night' (blanket thing shes had since she was a baby) and recently her little teddy. If she was holding those 2 things she would suck ...

Monday 09 July 06:47am

Tannie80 replied to topic What do you think about the cost of child care?

mommabee wrote: I worked in child care here in Aust for many years before becoming a mum. I refuse to send my child to care as I know how centers operate. Staff turn over is extremely high because ...

Sunday 10 June 09:14pm

Tannie80 replied to topic I just wet my self WTF????

I had a weak bladder since I had my daughter. I think I kept Tena in business during that time..... Anyway last August I had a MiniArc sling put around my bladder. It is such a quick procedure (10...

Sunday 10 June 09:03pm

Tannie80 replied to topic a game anyone?

1. No 2. Brown and Green 3. Left Overs 4. No 5. Dinner usually by 630pm 6. Both 7. Both 8. Its a tad bit cold but the usual pussys up here are saying its cold 9. No we get no catalogues, I have...

Friday 08 June 11:07pm

Tannie80 replied to topic How do you discuss 'dying' with your kids?

My Grandpop (my daughters Great Grandpop) died in nearly 12 months ago. The day he died, I had planned to take my daughter up to the hospital to visit him. My daughter kept asking 'why cant we go...

Friday 08 June 10:57pm

Tannie80 started new topic Biopsy on a child - anyone else had this before

My daughter is getting these mole type things over her arms and has 2 on her chest. The doctor said he wants to do a biopsy on them to see what they actually are. Has anyone had this procedure don...

Saturday 02 June 07:47pm

Tannie80 replied to topic Night time training.

Try not to limit their fluids purposely just so they dont have any accidents during the night. It can lead to bladder damage. My daughter wears drynites to bed, same as your child she usually goes...

Thursday 31 May 06:44am

Tannie80 replied to topic is this rude to you? kids and electronic devices

Agree - form of lazy parenting. I dont even understand why children of such a young age are having these device things shoved into their face.

Sunday 27 May 09:36am

Tannie80 replied to topic Funny things kids say

DS tells my FIL - hey pop, guess what.... 'what mate'... my mummy has a hairy front bum.... What is it with kids and hair? My daughter always laughs at me when I get dressed "haha mummy you h...

Saturday 31 March 06:57pm

Tannie80 replied to topic Warning may be TMI but have to ask

I too have to see my Dr (again) as during the last 4 months during the time I have taken the white pills (Im on Levlen) I have had a small smear of blood and that is all. So basically I have had no...

Thursday 29 March 06:04pm

Tannie80 replied to topic the good game

1.what brand of toothpaste do you use? Colgate Triple Action, Merinda has Colgate Dora t'paste 2.did/are you finding out the sex of your babies? Yes I found out 3.what are you having for dinner? N...

Tuesday 27 March 06:31pm

Tannie80 started new topic The pill

TMI but here goes the last 4 months I have had zero period at all. I take levlen, and the dr said I may simply have no uterus lining, thats all she said. I am not pregnant that has been ruled out. ...

Saturday 24 March 08:02am

Tannie80 replied to topic Centrelink

If your on PP single, and studying, you can apply for Pensioner Education Supplement, and it takes 21-28 days for the claim to be lodged/approved. It took mine nearly 2 months. So I wouldnt expect ...

Friday 23 March 05:18pm
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