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jayray replied to topic Late talker or something more?

Please dont feel bad. I understand exactly what you are going through. My son was also a late talker.. his first real words didnt come til 2.5, 2 word sentences only at 3 years old. He started spee...

Tuesday 16 August 01:29am

jayray replied to topic Development Delay

My son turned 2 in April and he's still only using single words... he can say about 20 words but he doesnt use them all the time. He understands 90% of what we instruct him to do or what we ask him...

Wednesday 27 May 09:44am

jayray replied to topic Help my 21 month old is not walking

Dont feel bad.. im sure he will do it in his own time! Terrible how some people make you feel bad .. kids are all different and they develop obviously at different rates. My son just turned 2 a for...

Wednesday 06 May 11:17am

jayray replied to topic 21 month old Girl so little

My son is turning 2 in april and is 10kg also.. he wears size 4/5 shoes, size 1 shirts and size 0 shorts. His dad and I are both on the short side and i've always been very petite. it used to worry...

Tuesday 03 February 11:57am

jayray replied to topic calling all CO-SLEEPERS!!!!

We're co-sleepers too but now that my son is 20 months my husband turned the cot into a toddler bed and put it side by side with our bed. Its nice to have our bed back but my son has dummy issues (...

Friday 09 January 08:00pm

jayray replied to topic ELBOW FETISH

I feel for you! my 19 month old has a fetish for my hair as in he has to smell it or play it when im putting him to sleep or when we are in the car and he's sleepy. i think its a comfort thing. its...

Thursday 11 December 01:58pm

jayray replied to topic Hand, foot and mouth disease

He did end up having it! but like your case, my son only had a mild case. they are more like pimples small red dots- he had 3 around his mouth, 1 on his cheek, 1 on his arm, and some spots on his l...

Tuesday 11 November 11:43am

jayray replied to topic Hand, foot and mouth disease

do the blisters appear inside the mouth or outside the mouth (around the mouth or nearer to the their lips)? there's been a case of hand,foot/mouth disease in our daycare too and am paranoid my lit...

Friday 07 November 11:45am

jayray replied to topic 14months learning to walk

we used to hold our sons hand while he was learning how to walk.. it took a lot of patience but it was worth it!i used to also stand him up by himself for a few seconds.. of course he would fall bu...

Thursday 23 October 07:23pm

jayray replied to topic ECZEMA

You can also try QV cream (we buy the tub)- works wonders for my son who is now 16 months old but had really bad ezcema since he was 3 months old (as in the red, weeping kind - terrible!). In the b...

Saturday 23 August 09:55am

jayray replied to topic BANGING HEAD

my son has also just started doing this.. usually on the fridge door or on the kitchen tiles. he is 16 months old. he usually does it when i have stopped him from doing something. i think it might ...

Wednesday 13 August 06:03pm

jayray replied to topic All Gums - No Teeth!!!

my workmate's son (who is now in his twenties) didnt get his first tooth til he was 18 months old! so no need to worry..

Wednesday 13 August 05:56pm

jayray replied to topic breast to bottle

I weaned my son also at 5 months and like the previous post said it took him about 3 weeks til he was ok with formula. i first gave him a small bit of formula in a spoon just so he could get used t...

Saturday 19 July 08:25am

jayray replied to topic The face rash

My son had a similar rash but it was around his mouth - he got it around the same time he was teething and made worse when he would rub it. i must've bought every cream in the chemist cos it was so...

Saturday 28 June 05:54pm

jayray replied to topic My 6 month old is waking every 2 hours and i end up giving in and putting him in bed with me

I dont think its a bad thing at all and you're not creating a monster! We've been co-sleeping with our son since he was 5 months old. before this he would wake 3 times at night - the first night he...

Friday 27 June 12:41pm

jayray replied to topic Cradle Cap - PLEASE HELP

my son had really bad cradle cap - it was all over his scalp and really thick and gross! i tried olive oil, baby oil, none of that worked so i used this product by egozite (sorry i forgot the name)...

Wednesday 18 June 06:47am

jayray replied to topic 17mths and not walking yet

My son also started walking while holding our hand when he was 12 months old. As soon as we let go he would start crawling again. He did this for about a month taking only 3-4 steps unaided. It was...

Wednesday 18 June 05:35am

jayray started new topic sleeping more after 1 year vaccinations

Has anyone else experienced their one year old sleeping more after they got their 12 month vaccinations? my son got his needles on tuesday and for the past two days has been napping 3 times a day i...

Friday 02 May 06:09pm

jayray started new topic 1 yr vaccinations

My son turned 1 last April 15th (a week ago) and i havent been able to take him to get his 1 yr vaccinations. Does anyone know how long i can wait to get his vaccinations? is there a time frame tha...

Thursday 24 April 05:39am

jayray replied to topic please help ECZEMA PROBLEMS

Hi there i understand what you are going through. my son who is now nearly 11 months had ezcema on his face and the backs of his knees. we went to a skin specialist to see what we could do. he reco...

Wednesday 05 March 08:13pm
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