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Micb replied to topic Not many words

Hi, Was just glad to read this thread as my DS who is 23 months is not saying much. He is still just saying single words, many are just sounds or he uses signs/actions to get his message across....

Friday 10 February 10:27pm

Micb replied to topic Do formulafed babies sleep for longer periods??

My DD is breastfed. She was a relatively good sleeper for the first 6 months (waking once a night for a feed). I was under the impression with the adding of solids to her diet her sleep would incre...

Sunday 08 March 12:42pm

Micb replied to topic BF mums

I agree with the other posts, you do have moments when you can't stand it sometimes. I found dropping feeds helped me keep going.

Sunday 08 March 12:30pm

Micb replied to topic Who else is an ABA member?

I am! I have been since before DD was born (received membership as a gift from my Mum who had been a member when it was called "nursing mothers association")

Sunday 08 March 12:24pm

Micb replied to topic Weaning from Breast

Hi, I don't think you would need to replace it with formula as being almost 12 months. Children can fully wean from breast or formula at 12 months if they have a balanced diet. I used distraction...

Sunday 08 March 12:21pm

Micb replied to topic Girly 'train' cake?

Hey how did the train cake go. I thought it was great she wanted a train cake. My DD is 21mths and loves the tv shows with trains (Thomas & Friends & Chuggington)

Friday 06 March 07:02am

Micb replied to topic middle name for Aurora?

Aurora Dannon that was the name of a baby in movie I saw. I like Aurora Skye too

Thursday 05 March 05:32pm

Micb replied to topic Our girls name list.

I really like Liliana, but Lily is very popular at the moment.

Wednesday 04 March 01:55pm

Micb replied to topic who's toddlers tidy up after themselves?

My DD (21mths)doesn't really pack up her toys. Often I will start to pack up the toys after she has left them and she will suddenly become interested, come and help start putting them away, but t...

Wednesday 04 March 01:50pm

Micb replied to topic What middle names are in your family?

It is traditional in both sides of our family to have family related mddle names: grandparents names: Kathleen Mary, Phillip Moses, Joyce Freda, John Edward, Andrew Joseph,Kathleen Isobel,William...

Wednesday 04 March 11:50am

Micb replied to topic breast or bottle

It really is a personal choice, but just wanted to say once you get the knack of breastfeeding it can be an easy option. You can feed baby while carrying around, You don't have to spend time steri...

Wednesday 04 March 07:14am

Micb replied to topic Having trouble with my partner on names..

In my experience we both had quite different tastes for names and had quite a hard time agreeing. It was very important for us to choose a name together though. We were still negotiating on a boy...

Friday 27 February 12:39pm

Micb replied to topic What is your Grandma/Grandad called called first and middle?

My grandparents were: Kathleen Mary & Phillip Moses Joyce Freda & John Edward hubby's grandparents were: Andrew Joseph & Kathleen Isobel William Andrew & Myra Irene When I was pregnant with DD ...

Friday 27 February 12:22pm

Micb replied to topic 21mths Not talking

I borrowed a book from the library written by 2 speech pathologists and found it very interesting and useful. They explained how we learn language and it had lots of excercises to do with your chil...

Friday 27 February 06:03am

Micb replied to topic Other peoples opinion

I don't think you should let anyone (other than the childs other parent) influence your decision. People are going to give their opinion, fine let them, but decide cause of how you (& partner) feel.

Tuesday 24 February 02:20pm

Micb replied to topic a middle name for maddison help please girls

The three girls I know were named: Madison Lyndal (and the Madison spelt with only 1 'd') Maddison Elizabeth Maddison Lisa

Tuesday 24 February 02:16pm
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