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Has anyone out there fallen pregges whilst breastfeeding? My baby is 9 months and i am still breastfeeding him...i am not on the pill but i have heard that you cant get pregnant while still breastfeeding, but the other day i came across someone who was telling a story that her friend did....maybe i should just get on that pill...

I'm going away for a few nights and i'm pretty sure that the water is not safe to drink [boar water] and i was wondering whether or not i was able to give my 8 month old bottled water from the shop?

I have always said that if i was to have a baby boy i would get him circumcised. When i was pregnant my partener and myself discussed it and decided that we will get it done [even though my partener is not done], then when my son was born i couldnt go through with it. I have other friends that were the same. One of my friends only just decided to do it now and her boy is 12 months old, he had to be fully sedated. While it was being done the doctors cut through a blood vessel which has made it harder to heal and he now has this bubble of skin on the end of the penis which the doctors says will eventually heal but i'm not too sure about this - also his penis now hangs to the left hand side. I dont mean to scare you,but i believe the sooner after birth the better.

My son will be Baptised this OCT and i've been trying to think of what i can get his godparents for a gift as they have helped out alot with the Baptism planning. I was thinking a framed photo of my son, however i have decided i wanted something a bit different. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Have a look on ebay at the invitations. You can pay just $10.00 and send them a photo of your child and they will design an invitation for you [or you can choose from one of the pre made invites] and they will send the finished product to you via digital can then go and get it printed'll save money doing it that way...they also do themed invites.

My baby is 5 months old and he loves having a bath. Sometimes i get in with him and it's almost as though he wants to take off in the water, maybe it's because i had a water birth, thats why he loves the water so much...anyway i want to take him swimming, to a heated indoor pool, but i was unsure of what age is safe to take them because of the chemicals in the water. Can anyone tell me if it's ok to take him now or should i wait till he's older.

I know they now say that you should not start your baby on solids until they are 6 months, however i have started to feed my 4 month old a very small amount of Farex mixed with my breast milk late afternoon as he was still waking every 2-3 hours for a feed during the i a bad mother for introducing solids so early? I have been doing this for the past 4 days and he has had no problems that i have noticed and he seems to really enjoy the Farex.

Have you tried Rasberry Leaf can get it from health food shops. I dont know if it actually had anything to do with it,but i was about a week overdue with my baby and i tried the Rasberry Leaf tea and sure enough i had him the next day. they say that it relaxes the cervix...i had a really easy labour - 1st baby and it really wasnt that bad...he was born 7 pounds, and i didnt need any stiches.

I am considering going up to the Torres Strait Islands in September for a family function, however a bit worried whether or not it's safe for my baby who will only be 5 months old.