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*~*Bek*~* replied to topic ticks and young children

we used to be in an area the same as you, ticks everywhere. my girls were bout the same age as your two then. i always found putting tea tree oil on BEFORE you tweeze makes it easier

Tuesday 19 July 07:07am

*~*Bek*~* started new topic Can someone answer a

hypothetically for me that would be ovualtion pains. can happen on left or right depends which side the egg is being released from this month

Tuesday 21 June 09:17pm

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic Successes after m/c

i m/c last year in january at 11+5 weeks, i fell preg again in may and now have a 5 month old baby. we had the same sort of issues that caused me to mc last year (had perigestational heamatomas) th...

Tuesday 21 June 08:43pm

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic ear piercing for girls

we had both girls done at 6 months and honestly its not worth it. they are now 4 and 5 and dont have their ears pierced anymore. they just went through the stage of pulling them out (sleepers studs...

Friday 17 June 12:24am

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic would your 5yr old girl play with this...

in all honesty i think it would depend on the childs circumstances. my 5yo would not, a) there is no room in the bath and we dont swimm that much. i cant really suggest somehting else though lol m...

Friday 17 June 12:21am

*~*Bek*~* started new topic TMI

we did this... and i say we as its much more fun with DF helping lol perineal massage is just the bit between the front and back. if you/he stretch your fingers on the way back out a little more ea...

Thursday 16 June 11:43pm

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic I just made a huge mistake

oh that sux big time, i have done that before, it was only 50 but the lady behind me came and found me to give it back was so thankful. i hope that things work out that sucks so much

Thursday 16 June 11:22pm

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic Really strange question, could be TMI

yes and so do all the kids... not sure bout DF tho he says he doesnt but i think he might lol. it doesnt matter whether i go to the toilet straight before i get in the shower i still have to go in ...

Thursday 16 June 11:19pm

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic The dog next door

we have 4 other dogs on our street 5 including ours. ours is the biggest and scariest (she will be shes only 5 months old lol) but she hardly ever barks. anyway we have a labrador across the stree...

Wednesday 08 June 04:12am

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic IBS

i have just been diagnosed with IBS. there is no exact test for it, they diagnose it through exclusion tests (meaning they test you for other things nd if nothihng comes up then IBS) my symptoms we...

Wednesday 08 June 03:59am

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic dyslexia

we are going throught the same thing atm with our 5yo. she is in prep. although its not thought to be dyslexia. but she does need to see and OT and speech Pathologist wich is being organised atm. w...

Wednesday 08 June 03:50am

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic using deep heat while pregnant

i think from memory its a no no on regular basis. something about the anti imflammatory. could you not ring ur obs office and ask the receptionist or someone else?

Wednesday 08 June 02:35am

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic solar hot water sytems.... just a question

hi we have a solar hot water system in overcast weather i found its best to leave it on all the time, but i spose you could be able to turn it on for a couple hours before baths and stuff to get en...

Wednesday 08 June 12:18am

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic LATE AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2007 BABIES

hey Kathy im having a down day grr. Alex hasnt been sleeping well of a night time, or during the day. not to mention all his problems went to playgroup this morning think im going to give up on it,...

Tuesday 17 May 11:44pm

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic Gastro

hi there gastro in babies can last anyway from 10-14 days in babies, not nice at all i hope your little one gets over it soon for you

Tuesday 17 May 11:08pm

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic LATE AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2007 BABIES

Mothers Day ??? whats that??? i didnt get a single thing besides what tia made me at school. no sleep in, no breaky, not even a happy mothers day or card nothing. and then i had to stand here remin...

Wednesday 11 May 12:21am

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic January 2011

hey everyone my names Bek im 23 and i live in Central QLD. i had Alex on 24th Jan at 36 weeks. he is my 4th. you think 2 under 2 is bad i ahve had 4 kids in under 5 years!!! he was born on DD1s fir...

Saturday 07 May 05:49am

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic Just curious...

my bub is 3 months i BF for 1 week. and he still quite often does the booby dance, but i think that may be more the way i hold him whilst feeding he really likes to be nuzzled in so the bottle teat...

Saturday 30 April 12:56am

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic Implanon

lol thats what i thought, i hadnt heard good things about it , but i forget the pill and two of my kids were concieved on it anyway. and all the others like the implanon causes irregular bleeding e...

Friday 29 April 10:59pm

*~*Bek*~* replied to topic LATE AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2007 BABIES

Kathy so sorry i havent been on for ages been so busy i tell you in all honestly im just about ready to walk from this life grrr i get all the kids well and some thoughtless so and so will bring ...

Friday 29 April 10:43pm
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