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hejalo started new topic Three nappy changes a night for a 19 month old!!

My now 19 month old has always been a good sleeper - he has 2.5 to 3 hours during the day and up to a month ago sleep through the night needing no assistance to self settle. However, a month ago i...

Thursday 30 April 03:55pm

hejalo replied to topic 7-9 month old routine

Lucas is now eight and half months old and is in the following routine:- 7am - wake and breakfast (solids) with bottle and play till 9.30am - sleep till 11am - bottle 12 noon - lunch (solids) 1.30...

Tuesday 13 May 11:24am

hejalo replied to topic Has anyone used this Fresh Food Feeder from Munchkin?

Yes, I have two of these and think they are wonderful. I use them for fruit that i wouldn't normally give my eight month old like grapes and apple. As soon as Lucas "got it" and what it was used fo...

Friday 09 May 01:10pm
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