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jackie3 replied to topic Fourth boys name

Congratulations on boy #4! I like the Aden, i think that fits with your other boys and that way they'll all have two syllables!

Thursday 12 May 06:51am

jackie3 replied to topic Mirena vs Vasectomy

My hubby had the chop two years ago and it was great - easy for me to say! No, seriously, he had it done under local anesthetic, and was up and walking an hour later. Only minor discomfort for two ...

Tuesday 03 May 07:07am

jackie3 replied to topic Baby Name - Lachlan

I didn't call my son that 9 years ago because i thought it was really common, but since then, i've only ever met one Lachlan! So, i don't think it is really. And i would spell it the way you've typ...

Thursday 21 April 09:01am

jackie3 replied to topic in laws

Unfortunately i don't think there's a lot you can do about it, as they're doing it for free. My Mum was the same, she would rock my kids to sleep, pick them up straight away, give into their deman...

Thursday 21 April 04:53am

jackie3 replied to topic Grrr I am fuming!

This happened to us as well, and i also know of at least one friend it has happened to. We didn't know initially, but did find out before we actually started sending him, that we could only get bac...

Thursday 21 April 12:33am

jackie3 replied to topic Yet Another Boy

I know it's not often discussed, but i think what you are feeling is normal. I felt that way when i found out my 2nd was a boy, but i did bond with him even before he was born - it helps that he is...

Tuesday 19 April 05:29am

jackie3 replied to topic Rude? Lazy? both? or overreacting?

I also live on a corner block, which we moved into a year or so ago. I remember one morning, when we'd only been here a week or so, a young guy cut the corner so badly that he was right up against ...

Sunday 17 April 01:22am

jackie3 replied to topic Private or Public School??

I teach at a large Catholic Primary school, and my children go to a different Catholic primary school. Honestly, you need to go to the schools you are considering and see which is the best fit for...

Tuesday 15 March 04:39am

jackie3 replied to topic Intruding Visitors after C-section.

I agree with the prev post. Tell every nurse/midwife about what your MIL intends to do and they will tell her where to go. My best friend is a midwife and she tells people where to go all the time....

Tuesday 15 March 04:36am

jackie3 replied to topic how much help do you expect around the house from your significant other

I work full time and so does DH. We have 3 kids, 2 of which are at school. As DH works shift work (overnights and days), sometimes he will have a couple of days off in a row. If this happens i ask ...

Wednesday 09 March 06:48am

jackie3 started new topic Soft toy storage

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to store the loads of soft toys my kids have. They seem to play with them for 10 minutes, then dump them back on the floor in their room. I remember w...

Monday 27 December 03:52am

jackie3 replied to topic Talking about sex with parents

I'm a teacher and we have to teach the basics of it at school, so maybe you'll get out of it! Normally teach it in Year 5 or 6, including AF, sperm, male and female reproductive systems, sperm meet...

Thursday 25 November 06:35am

jackie3 replied to topic Good birth experiences

I didn't have a great 1st delivery either, induced, with an epidural early and episiotomy and forceps. With the second one, i read somewhere, 'it may be hard and painful, but it's only one day in y...

Sunday 07 November 07:15am

jackie3 replied to topic my toddler has constipation, permantently

I am SSOOOO glad i found this thread. Like other posts, i thought we were the only ones going through this for this long, about 2 years. I am on my way to see another pead, as our first was happy t...

Friday 05 November 07:46am

jackie3 replied to topic not eating no dirty nappies

I am so sorry to hear baout your little boy, and i understand about the frustration that you are having with specialists. My DD (3 1/2) has had problems with 'constipation' for about 2 yrs now and ...

Wednesday 03 November 09:45am

jackie3 replied to topic Help what to do Tonsills out or leave them in

Out, Out, Out!!!!! We had DD's removed about 3 months ago, after being told she had huge tonsils. She choked on food and drink, didn't sleep properly as she would choke on her own saliva and had ch...

Tuesday 14 September 08:21am

jackie3 replied to topic Childcare Holding Deposit?

When my boys were in a private childcare centre we had something similar, they paid it back when they left the centre, except ours was called a bond, and was supposed to protect them against late /...

Tuesday 07 September 07:36am

jackie3 replied to topic Has anyone here suffered fron prenatal depression?

Having had friends and family with depression and postnatal depression, i would say you should go back and see someone, even if it's just your trusted GP. It is normal to get those 'hormaonal' swin...

Saturday 21 August 11:54pm

jackie3 replied to topic Can someone tell me exactly

Newcastle is the nearest city, but if you are looking for somewhere to stay, Cessnock is very close, and quite a bit cheaper. I had to stay therein the Hunter for a wedding once and we could only g...

Thursday 12 August 04:04am

jackie3 replied to topic LEAVING BREASTFED BABY

I don't think you're being silly at all! It's perfectly natural to feel anxious about leaving him for the first time. The first time i left my DD, who was also breastfed and wouldn't take a bottle,...

Thursday 05 August 05:04am
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