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Jenny1970 replied to topic Shoes

Hi, My little boy was the same last summer. He wanted to wear socks with his sandles which we did to keep the peace. After weeks of arguing I bought him some thongs (with the sling back) which wer...

Friday 18 September 10:57am

Jenny1970 replied to topic when do toddlers start to talk

My little boy is 19 months old and doesn't say alot either. Just Ma, Dad, Dora, Nana and lots of babble. The doctor told me that if the family is bi-lingual it can take them a little longer to spea...

Friday 11 September 05:29am

Jenny1970 replied to topic 18mth old boy and 2yr11mth old girl same weight should i be worried

Megan, I have a 4yr old that weighs 18kgs and an 18mth old that weighs 17kgs - they are 2.5 years apart. The 18mth old is only about 8 cm shorter that his older brother. They both go through growt...

Friday 11 September 05:20am

Jenny1970 replied to topic 22mth old wetting through nappy at night

Hi All, My first son was always wet and I bought Bebe's Nappy Mates and they worked fantastic. They look like the old fashioned Sanitry Pad from years ago that you can insert in the night nappy. A...

Tuesday 23 June 05:59am

Jenny1970 replied to topic There was one in the bed and the little one said roll over.

Hi, my little boy was exactly the same and it was exhausting getting up to him at night and rolling him back onto his back. He also hated that pillow because he is very restless sleeper and is alw...

Wednesday 11 February 11:35am

Jenny1970 replied to topic Nappy Leakage...

Hi All, My little boy was so wet I would have to change his PJ's and bed linen sometimes 2 times a night. I bought bigger Huggies and then lined them with BEBE NAPPY MATES (they look like a thick ...

Tuesday 16 December 01:37pm

Jenny1970 replied to topic Why is he waking at 5.30am!

My 10 mth old wakes around the same time - I have window shutters so there is no light coming into his room and hardly any noise - some days I can put his dummy back in and get another 30-45mins sl...

Tuesday 16 December 01:07pm

Jenny1970 started new topic 3 y/o DS Stuttering.......

Hi, I was just wondering whether or not anyone else has had this problem and can offer some advice please.... My 3 year old DS has started stuttering over the past few months - its only with certa...

Tuesday 07 October 07:14pm

Jenny1970 replied to topic Nappy Rash

My little boy had a severe case of Nappy Rash last year and the DR prescribed a cream and also told me to alternate between 2 different brands of Nappies. He hasn't had any Nappy Rash since. Good L...

Wednesday 28 November 11:48am

Jenny1970 replied to topic Preterm Labour Concerns

Hi CherryRoss, Don't worry too much, my waters broke at 34 weeks and they had too induce me because of risk of infection but my boy is now 2 y/old and you would never know he was premmie. Good luck.

Wednesday 21 November 07:17am

Jenny1970 replied to topic hi all!

Welcome Racheal, Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am in Melbourne and 28 weeks pregnant with my 2nd. Give it a few more weeks, my little man is moving all the time now, sometimes keeping me aw...

Wednesday 21 November 06:56am

Jenny1970 replied to topic Help - I have an early riser!!!!

Hi mum2cj, I hear you loud and clear! I am 23 weeks pregnant and my toddler is 2.5 years old and getting up between 5.30 and 6am. He comes into our bed and we read him books until about 7am and th...

Tuesday 16 October 10:43am

Jenny1970 replied to topic night nappy

Hi Chel's Mummy, I had the same problem with my little boy - I was changing his PJ's nearly everynight during the night because he was soaked. I swear by those BeBe Nappy Mates to insert into the n...

Friday 07 September 07:26am

Jenny1970 replied to topic Maternity leave and medical certificate?

Hi Sweetie, I work for a government owned company in Melbourne and we have to finish up work at 34 weeks. The only way we can continue is with a Doctors Certificate which my doctor was happy to gi...

Tuesday 04 September 10:17am

Jenny1970 replied to topic Ambilical Cord - scared.

Hi LilSarah, My little boy was born at 34 weeks prem and he had 2 knots in his umbilical cord which would have been fatal if born full term. I am now 17 weeks preggie with my 2nd and told my OB th...

Tuesday 04 September 10:12am

Jenny1970 replied to topic HELP!!! 19mnth wakes up every day at 2am and wont sleep

Hi Kate & Linda, I feel for you both because my little boy was exactly the same at 18 months and my doctor told me to limit his daytime sleep to only 1.5 hours which was plenty for a 18 month old. ...

Wednesday 22 August 05:32am

Jenny1970 replied to topic New bub on way, #1 still co-sleeps!

Hi Melissa, I had the same problem I am due in Feb and my 2 year old was in our bed everynight from about 2am. I used control crying and luckily after 3 nights (and about 1 hour of crying and me ru...

Wednesday 22 August 05:21am

Jenny1970 replied to topic news of pregnancy upset infertile friend

Congratulations on your pregnancy. My marriage broke up 7 years ago because my husband at the time decided he didn't want kids - which was a huge shock for me because I thought that was just the ne...

Saturday 11 August 11:38am

Jenny1970 replied to topic ~]Feb 2008 babie[~

Congratulations on your second pregnancy Amy. We currently have a site for babies born on Feb. I am also due Feb 14 but was 6 weeks early with my first so I could have this next baby anytime from N...

Wednesday 27 June 05:17am

Jenny1970 replied to topic bub due 24th of feb

Congratulations Kimberely! Thats fantastic news. Join our 'Due in Feb 08' chat - we have listed the dates that everyone is due.

Tuesday 26 June 05:53am
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