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BrookieB replied to topic Twins - Capsules Vs Car seats

When my brother had his twins it was a matter of finding and buying the car seat that would fit their car, being twins you need to put one behind each of the front seats, they had a Susie forester ...

Wednesday 09 April 12:10am

BrookieB replied to topic Low hcg in early pregnancy

Big hugs, I went thru something similar an ended in mc. Not what you want to hear I know. fx it is just earlier than you think .

Tuesday 08 April 11:51pm

BrookieB replied to topic Teenage pregnancy - 17 and trying

Hi I think no matter what age you have your children people will always judge you. Dh and I we pregnant with our first after only bring married one year. In our mid 20s as we are both middle child...

Friday 11 October 09:34pm

BrookieB replied to topic Wedding rings

My dad never wore one. I never really queried it but it turns out he tried to reshape it himself and snapped it. He is a farmer so never bothered to replace it. (Too dangerous to wear it anyway) bu...

Saturday 12 January 08:30pm

BrookieB replied to topic Ideas for holiday destination in Vic

Yeah come to lakes entrance. I'm lucky I live here. But it seems a popular place for a holiday.

Saturday 12 January 08:20pm

BrookieB replied to topic some questions for you :)

1. If you could visit 1 place in australia and 1 place elsewhere, where would you go? Uluru and Egypt 2. Who is your fav relative (except your dh/dp/df or kids)? My mum 3. What is one of your...

Saturday 12 January 08:05pm

BrookieB replied to topic Care to share..

We had bolognese, it's from women weekly cook book originally but my mum tweaked it and then so did I. First you fry up some onion, then brown the mince beef. Once that's done you add a tin of toma...

Saturday 12 January 07:44pm

BrookieB replied to topic Ahhh. She won't stop crying!!!

That's what huggies is here for

Saturday 12 January 07:35pm

BrookieB replied to topic Playing with poo

I have a totally different approach to the pp, first I would like to say I know it is hard to juggle your time with a new born, can you give him some time one on one, when someone else can care for...

Saturday 12 January 07:30pm

BrookieB replied to topic Losing the Dummy

We got dd1 to throw hers away. We told her she was a big girl now and didn't need it anymore and got her to throw it in the bin. She was a little upset at bed time but not too bad, they say it only...

Saturday 12 January 07:22pm

BrookieB replied to topic Going it alone!

Congratulations and good luck with everything to come. I've been on huggies on and off for 5 years now, and you will love it. Everyone is so helpfully and welcoming. I would suggest you try to fin...

Saturday 12 January 06:24pm

BrookieB replied to topic June babes 2011

hi girls little mikayla is doing well, walking everywhere. she loves to dance with her big sister. she has had to learn to be tough as DD1 forgets to be gentle and more often than not Mikayla en...

Sunday 06 May 07:24am

BrookieB replied to topic Really need some help/advice

this sounds really tough on you especially being pregnant. but I must say I'm glad I'm not alone. ny dd1 is doing all theism no night terrors but she wakes up screaming some night and the only thin...

Sunday 06 May 07:01am

BrookieB replied to topic Casey Hospital

hi i had DD2 at the casey hospital in june 2011. I went midwife case load care, I saw the same midwife the whole way through my pregnancy and birth. Anne was fantastic, very easy to talk too, did ...

Sunday 06 May 06:46am

BrookieB replied to topic June babes 2011

hi emma nice to meet you my name is brooke I have two girls Cheyenne 4 and Mikayla 9 months things are pretty quiet on here for a while, I think some girls have returned to work and I guess the r...

Saturday 31 March 12:19am

BrookieB replied to topic First baby due in winter, HELP!

I grew up in SA and now live in Melboure so I know how you feel goring form somewhere warmer to somewhere freezing (yes I am saying SA was warm- compared to Melbourne in winter anyway) a good rule ...

Sunday 18 March 02:41am

BrookieB replied to topic Your Biology and its changes

Well just the other day I noticed my bellybutton was very very sore... apparently its quite common after having a baby to get a very sore belly button right before your period. I had my son 8 week...

Sunday 12 February 02:47am

BrookieB replied to topic June babes 2011

hi girls so nice to read up on how everyone is doing. we have had a busy week Mikayla is now crawling everywhere, and last week she said her first word Daddadda, it is so cute to hear her little ...

Thursday 09 February 09:10pm

BrookieB replied to topic Natural drug free birth PLEASE!

I would like to recomend you read Birth skill by Juju Sundin. I tried the hypnobirth book some of the PP have recomended and it wasn't for me. (I know a lot of other people have great success with ...

Thursday 09 February 08:46pm

BrookieB replied to topic Whose partner 'looked'

before DD1 we discussed Dh staying near my head, as i birthed her standing up he was not able to see even if he had wanted. with DD2 I was in bath leaning forward to DH, suddenly got he urge to lea...

Thursday 09 February 08:34pm
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