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:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic cleaning washing machines

We do the vinegar thing too. I put about 1L with just water and it cleans the pipes and the washing machine!!

Monday 24 April 11:17am
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic How Much Sleep for a 3 year old

Hi, Our 3 yo sleeps 11 hours night and 2 in the day (though we are trying to cut day sleep out/down and sleep longer at night). I quickly checked Tizzie's web page out and she reccommends 12 hou...

Friday 17 March 08:56am
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic Gymboree

We went to the Indooroopilly Gymboree from the age of about 6 months to just recently (this is the first term we didn't re-enroll). We went to the play sessions and when DD was old enough we wen...

Tuesday 28 February 01:35pm
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic What did you buy your daughters for their first birthday?

I can't remember what her favourite gift was though... [Edited on 14/11/2009]

Tuesday 07 February 12:26pm
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic Stay in sleep clinic

Hi Nic, I know people who have stayed at Riverton, and the experiences are varied. Personally I was at my wits end when my DD was 12 months old but opted for a home stay sleep specialist. I did...

Monday 23 January 12:02pm
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) started new topic New book to help babies sleep

When my DD was younger we needed help in the sleep department. Anyway I just heard some exciting news... the person who helped us (tizzie HAll)has just launched her new book called "save our sleep...

Saturday 21 January 12:55pm
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic Labels for Childcare

We use That's mine stickers and iron ons too...

Thursday 19 January 01:53pm
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic new in Paddington

Welcome to Paddington. We have lived in this area for several years and love it. There is so much to do and it's nice to be close to everything. Lady Cilento has a "drop in" type play group in B...

Monday 16 January 07:26pm
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic HUGGIES SWIMMERS

This is the link which I just copied and pasted from this site: You can get smaller sized reusable cotton type swimming nappies in...

Wednesday 21 December 09:08pm
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic Another Language???

If you want to teach your daughter your other language at some point in time, based on the families I know in the same situation when they are young and learing their words is the time to do it. ...

Wednesday 21 December 09:01pm
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic Taking 2 year old to a funeral

It's so personal and individual... we took my daughter to my husband's nan's funeral, and it wasn't a bad thing, but I know people who disagreed with the decision.... I think it's nice to say goo...

Monday 19 December 01:26pm
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic Baby Boot Camp - Southside

Hi Shandell, I'm not familar with "baby boot camp", but if it's like a family gym this isn't helpful. However if you're after a program more for babies and kids than parents which increases coor...

Friday 16 December 10:48am
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic Skin care

When I was working and didn't have a dependant I used Dr Le winns Private formula everything, which I think is brilliant, but now I just use a moisturiser (Lancombe or Clinique - whichever is on s...

Monday 12 December 11:52am
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic eczema

We use cetaphil in the bath and cream twice a day. I kinda use mind of matter too because I tell her the cream helps her feel better because it says" go away sore arm"... at least it stops her sc...

Saturday 10 December 10:45am
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic ARM BANDS to prevent drownings

Thank you for sharing this great idea....

Friday 09 December 11:48am
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic Party games for 3 year olds

Have you chosen to theme the party? If you have you can check out some websites for ideas. Eg, If it's a Dora party there are some great ideas for "Dora" activities/games on Nick Jr, etc...

Saturday 03 December 10:26am
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic So, how do you actually start???

I think you'd confuse your daughter by sending her mixed messages if you only let her wear undies for few hours a day. From from her perspective if you did this she may be thinking things like: I...

Friday 02 December 10:11am
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic Hi 5 Concert Goss

What songs did they perform??? I can't find any info anywhere.... 6 more sleeps till Sat concert in Brissy... Ta

Monday 28 November 06:25pm
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic little flower girl!

I think it's completely up to you. Friends of our asked my daughter to be a flower girl at thier wedding. She would have been 20 months old at the time and had been walking from 11 months, so wa...

Wednesday 23 November 12:15pm
:) luv2smile :)

:) luv2smile :) replied to topic A Question for those of you who have conquered TT.

Hi Brismummy, I'm not sure. We seemed to do things different to everyone... Lots of people I talk to read on the toilet, etc... and generally seem to spend a lot of time there but we didn't. I ...

Sunday 06 November 07:57am
:) luv2smile :)
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