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mzsweet replied to topic Mossie Bites

the chemist recommended stingoes for zens horror mozzie bites and it worked wel, calmed the inflammation as well

Saturday 08 April 03:38am

mzsweet replied to topic Marriage break ups?

Hi Karin, I hope you are coping ok in this stressfull time. Your situation is similar to what a good friend of mine went through some years ago. She was pregnant with child number 3 and her husband...

Wednesday 04 January 07:24pm

mzsweet replied to topic strawberries how old does baby have to be?

according to my list of what foods are safe from tizzy hall, berries can be given from 12 months but she added a notation to be carefull with strawberrys as they may cause a reaction.

Monday 07 November 04:40am

mzsweet replied to topic My baby won't sleep during the day!!

I have also had dreadful trouble with a catnapping daysleeping baby who maximum sleep period yesterday was 10 mins. He grizzled and cried, it was most frazzeling because his dad is working nights a...

Friday 29 July 07:09pm

mzsweet replied to topic Anyone had problems with S-26

thank you thank you thank you, I logged on to post the exact same question and its been a relief to see all the posts, I feel now that I am not alone. My little son is seven weeks and becomes very ...

Sunday 17 July 05:36pm

mzsweet replied to topic Is it a good idea to reveal?

Everyone has their own opinion when you are naming a baby. I have told some people our choice but after doing so have regretted it because as its not a "traditional name" there has been more negat...

Monday 23 May 06:24am

mzsweet replied to topic Bringing on Labour

i was due the day you wrote your post and here I still am pregnant. You can try a whole range of things which others have outlined in previous posts and they may or may not work. I personally have ...

Monday 23 May 06:02am

mzsweet replied to topic third baby, third induction?

thanks amy lee, when i finish up work at 37 weeks i might get out and do some walking, my midwife friend says the gravity helps, that and the rasberry leaf tea were her suggestions. She told me cas...

Tuesday 08 March 04:24pm

mzsweet started new topic third baby, third induction?

Hi everyone, currently due for baby number three in May. My previous two children are now 11 and 14 so its been a while for me but for my partner of 4 years it is his first. The first two pregnanci...

Saturday 05 March 01:00am
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