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Meganb replied to topic Have you tried a relaxation CD?

I found this site And wow its just great!!!! I often put it on to go to sleep to. Once I had earphones and had it on down really low I fell asleep with it on and for ab...

Monday 08 September 12:48pm

Meganb replied to topic how long after birth can PND hit? LONG post.

In many areas I was the same. It was like once I had that "free time" I could do all the house work. I found a really good book called The Baby Sleep Book by Dr Sears (three of them are Dr) and the...

Monday 08 September 12:45pm

Meganb replied to topic Tips for moving baby into their own room

Why do you feel you have to move your baby?

Sunday 07 September 12:15pm

Meganb replied to topic Controlled crying?

Great web sites thank you for your tips I've also got one here too We also had some terrible troubles with our daughter around teething times and it was at 6...

Sunday 07 September 12:12pm

Meganb replied to topic Crying

Goodness me....a baby is crying tears or just noise that means he/she is upset. Pick them up and reassure them or at least put a hand over their tummy and talk to them saying that your there. Keepi...

Sunday 07 September 12:06pm

Meganb replied to topic How to get 8 mo to sleep without crying??

Hello my friend! I've been there!!! I've had the well ment advice of just let them cry they are ok....I tell you its NOT. I've a web site which has a lot of my...

Wednesday 18 June 08:08am

Meganb replied to topic Can u spoil a 4week old??

The history of "don't spoil the baby" was invented about 150 years ago by a few people following a German man (check link at bottom)... Dr. E. Holt is one of the main followers of the ideas. I've d...

Wednesday 18 June 07:41am

Meganb replied to topic Windy babies

I've a book here called Baby Matters...very well researched. I'll just write out one of the lists Allergy - or Sensitivity - Provoking foods High Cow Milk Cheese Egg Shellfish Sunflower Peanut Soy...

Wednesday 18 June 07:31am

Meganb replied to topic HELP!!!

I went through the same thing and everyone was telling me I didn't have good enough milk. Start reading as this I found was a load of pollywobble. Western culture has this idea that infants do not ...

Wednesday 18 June 07:19am

Meganb replied to topic co speeping

We co-slept with our DD as there was no room to put her anywhere else. When we moved into our house there was no sleep had by anyone. We tried to move her cot out to her own room but she would not ...

Wednesday 18 June 07:10am

Meganb started new topic Co-sleeping

What a wonderful thing This web site is great and this one enjoy your children for they are only little once

Friday 11 April 09:19am

Meganb replied to topic 11 days old, not sleeping from 11pm to 4am every n

Hey well done on your new bub, I too was in the c-section party while I do have a dh I still have to do the work. Are you sleeping with in arms reach? As suggested by the World Health Orgisation. ...

Friday 11 April 08:12am

Meganb replied to topic tizzie Hall routinues

Hi ya, Just want to ask if you've read heaps of other books to make sure you want to go down the tizzie path. Are you breastfeeding - I just about lost my milk supply and while I did have a big bab...

Friday 11 April 08:07am

Meganb replied to topic Routine or demand feeding?

We cue feed too (demmand) I did try to do the schedule thing as I was not very educated on how breastfeeding worked... My bub totaly hated it as well and lost so much weight But we are all good no...

Friday 11 April 07:55am

Meganb replied to topic Are bassinets safe?

If your following SIDS guidelines your baby is to sleep with in arms reach. We used a bassinet. Some friends us a basket. Some others have a flax kit. There is a good web site about SIDS informati...

Tuesday 05 February 04:20pm

Meganb replied to topic Nearly 1 and not sleeping through nite still.....

Developmentaly most babies are not suposed to sleep through the night 6-7hours until they are 2 or 4 years old. Don't worry about it she will do it when she is ready and able. I do agree with an ea...

Monday 07 January 12:03pm

Meganb replied to topic OMG please someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a quick read through my blog She could "know" that there is a change coming up Don't make bed a scary place to be left alone I know the book says 18mins b...

Monday 07 January 09:32am

Meganb replied to topic At my wits end

Have a look at the sears then look at fussy baby or highneed baby Just a few things to think about it really helped us

Monday 07 January 09:12am

Meganb replied to topic Feedback on Tizzie Hall routine

Tizzie Hall gives hope... that’s how I felt too when I first started with her book. That’s her job that’s how she makes her money. True she does have many good ideas but saying things like “…I don...

Monday 07 January 09:06am

Meganb replied to topic Daytime sleeps

Hi ya, I've got a few ideas on my blog site We use some of the ideas from the no cry sleep solution too which are really great.

Tuesday 18 December 02:59am
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