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hi, me too plz sounds perfect thanks

what about muffins, or batter the bananas, fry and have with icecream yummo

i couldnt stand it, i used to leave and thien come back wen it was all over. some people are so rude, and u really domt want to be hearing negative things about ur home. hope all goes well

hi ladies sorry if this is one thats been flogged but how do i post pics?

thanks again, we also had our ds christening in the morning so it was a really big day glad its over. if i knew how to i would put a picture up

thanks ladies, unfortunately no honeymoon for us. dh cant get time off at the moment, and moneys too tight eith renos.

hi everyone just wanted to share, i got married on sunday!!!!! it was a great day and im soooo happy. thats all thanks

hi hollys mummy, its hard isnt it? a fever has nothing to do with teething the doctors tell me. our ds had a fever last week, turned out to be a virus. if it doesnt go away tomorrow id be going to the docs for peace of mind. hope shes feeling better soon.

hi 2 little monkeys, i think you can go pretty close with a bit of planning and really looking around. at least i hope you can because im in the same boat! we are having it in the backyard and like you want something a bit jazzier than a bbq maybe you can ask a couple of people to make a plate of somehting and maybe make it byo. maybe we cna bounce ideas off each other

thank you Jade-1stBub, ill try them. i wouldnt bother but im in a bit of mess at the moment and need to get out of it.