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hi stephanea, what are you cooking for the main meal?

If a parent wont discipline their own kids, then i think you have every right to discipline them when it concerns your kids.

you have nothing to feel terrible about, the mother should have been trying to teach him that you dont do that sort of thing. could you try talking to her about it and tell her that you felt very uncomfortable with what happened?

thanks charliesmama, 2 more sleeps till hes back. YAY!!!!

I really dont know much about you benmar, but you sound like a really strong woman. but sometimes even strong women need to let it out and have a cry. I know from personal experience that i have felt guilty for feeling down at times, but to hell with that! strong women need comfort and reassurance and even aknowledgement too. i've probably got it all wrong but theres my 2cents.

he goes away a few times a year and you think i would be used to it by now but im not. i just miss him like crazy, i love the fool so much!

I cook all of ds food, but i give him jars of dessert, custard etc. I usually make a batch up and freeze it so i always have some on hand. but at the end of the day its whatever works for you. i dont think theres anything wrong with ready made food its just personal preference.

so true jamdrop, night time is the worse when all the kids are in bed and you have time to think. funny, i still sleep on my side of the bed though.

its bad isnt it, i feel like just bursting into tears at times. Does it get any better?

DH has gone to melbourne for 1 week for work and im feeling really down. I really miss him and just cant seem to function properly when hes not here. do other people feel like this when their partners away or welcome the peace and quiet?