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its all so confusing, different stories from different people. have u had a look on the food authority website this morning? they have updated it. what does everyone think?

i was worried about the debacle surrounding karicare formula as well, as i am using it. i got all the info and feel much better now. it is allowed in australia, thats not the reason at all. it is actually a labelling issue. the way it is labelled on the can. no concerns for health at all. the ingredient that they are talking about is already found in alot of the foods we eat. hope this helps with concerns about using it.

hi loving it, i dont have any problems with it just concerned about whats going on with it at the moment. it may not be available to get for a while

am thinking of swapping formulas and am interested to hear feedback from people that are using or have used the heinz nurture gold formula. i am currently using karicare gold plus, but am a bit concerned about whats happening with them at the moment.

karicare gold plus has prebiotics, heinz has probiotics.

hi carmen, maybe try using some sachets first and see how u go. u can get the heinz gold, s26, and normal karicare. i bought some heinz ones today, so will see how we go. i didnt buy the s26 because ive heard alot of babies get constipated on that.

i do use it, i dont know what to do. i was thinking of maybe using the heinz nurture gold. if u go to u will see at the bottom of the page an ad saying help return karicare back on the shelves. click on that and it will take u to the info. let me know what u think

look on the nutricia website, they said that they will be removed from the shelves of retailers until its all sorted out. I also had a look on the nsw health food authority site, all the info is on both sites. it might help people to make an informed decision wether to keep using it or not

im with you there, i was trialling on my 11week old and it disrupted him as well. he has his own pattern that works really well for all of us and he definately cant stay awake for the recommended times in the book. i think the book is good but i also think that babies are little individuals with different needs and personalities. what works for one may not work for another. anyway all i wanted to say was i totally agree with you.

having just had another baby, no.5 for us, i dont understand how anyone could be driven to dump a baby. we all have different views on this subject and being mothers we can get very passionate about it. but it is not for us to judge i guess. she could have chosen the easier option and had the pregnancy terminated, at least this way hopefully this precious little baby will grow up part of a loving family.