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scos3 replied to topic Anyone Still Breastfeeding Out There?

well im still feeding my dd who will be 3 in october, she is booby obsessed!!! the problem i am having is that she wont go to sleep without being breastfed and she wakes up every night anywhere bet...

Wednesday 27 June 07:18am

scos3 started new topic baby playgroup in beaconsfield

just wanted to let everyone know about a baby playgroup in beaconsfield at the neighbourhood house, it is for bubs from 6 - 18 mths old to come and have a play while mums get to know other mums and...

Saturday 11 June 07:55am

scos3 replied to topic periods

breastfeeding actually delays your periods due to the hormones used to produce the milk, in alot of breastfeeding mums periods dont return until bub is eating solids well and not drinking as much m...

Wednesday 27 April 04:13am

scos3 replied to topic Giving Baby Water

i'll just let you know that breastfed babies dont need to have any water because of the way breastmilk is made. they only need to start drinking a small amount of water when they start solids to av...

Saturday 23 April 06:30am

scos3 replied to topic Any October 2004 babies??

my dd was born 12th oct 2004. she has been rolling for a couple of mths and has just started doing the commando crawling, today she is trying to get up on her knees and crawl but she just keeps on ...

Thursday 21 April 12:23pm

scos3 replied to topic how big is your baby?????

my dd is one of the small babies, at 6mths yesterday, she weighs 6.4kgs, length 62.9, head circumference 40.7. she is breast fed and has one or two solid meals a day. something that i have been won...

Friday 15 April 08:06am

scos3 replied to topic who feeds their baby to sleep?

natj, just wondering what sleep school you went to and what you did there. i am thinking of taking my 5mth old daughter to queen elizabeth but unsure if i can stand to let her cry for too long. at...

Saturday 19 March 08:24am
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