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willava started new topic Numbness & heaviness in legs

Hello. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have recently had a couple of occassionals where I'll be walking and suddently get this heaviness in my right leg that it feels like it's going to fall out from und...

Thursday 26 March 07:25pm

willava replied to topic Has anyone had an emergency C-section during labor??

Hello Laura I ended up having an emergency c-section after 11 hours of labour and only being 2 cm dilated. The babys heartbeat was irratic and he was in distress so we needed to consider the optio...

Friday 23 January 09:38am

willava replied to topic Not Crawling

Hello My 9 month old isn't crawling yet either. According to my health nurse, I'd done the wrong thing by letting him sit from about 6 months instead of having him on his belly all of the time!!. I...

Friday 17 October 03:08pm

willava replied to topic hyperspadious(sp)

Hello. My son is 9 months too and has hyperstadius. We've seen a specialist who said it was best for him to be operated on at around 15 months. His isn't a severe case and the urethra will only be ...

Friday 17 October 03:04pm

willava started new topic Jumping castles

Hello. I've looked into jumping castles for my son's bday party and they all seem to be too large to fit in our grassed area. Has anyone in Melbourne had one which is smaller and able to fit on law...

Thursday 16 October 03:03pm

willava started new topic Anyone had their tubes tied while having c-section

Hello. I'm pregnant with my second child and are thinking of having my tubes tied when I deliver via c-section next year. Has anyone had this done and what are your thoughts? Shell

Wednesday 01 October 06:10am

willava started new topic At what week is bubs usually born with elective c-section?

Hello. Just wondering at what week babies were born if you opt for an elective c-section? Is it usually around 39 weeks? I'm only 8 weeks so haven't seen my ob yet (next week) Thanks [Edited on 2...

Saturday 27 September 07:17am

willava started new topic Pap Smear in early pregnancy

Hello. Just wondering what the go was with pap smears during early pregnancy. I went to get a referral for my ob and the gp noticed I was due for pap smear and asked if I wanted it. My gut feeling ...

Saturday 06 September 10:06am

willava started new topic Period symptom when pregnant?

Hello. Just wondering if anyone had experienced period symptoms when you should have been due but found out you were pregnant. I had the usual pain, moodiness, sugar craving, sore boobs, etc etc et...

Thursday 28 August 10:28am

willava replied to topic How long did it take yr baby to accept solids?

Hello. My boy is 6 1/2 months and still not interested in food. I held off until 6 mts because he was quite big so didn't feel the need to start him earlier. He fights me and zips up his lips so ti...

Tuesday 29 July 11:30am

willava replied to topic hypospadias

Hello My 4 mth old son has a mild case. We saw a specialist a few weeks ago & he will need to have an operation around 15 months. It's only a couple of millimetres low but could cause problems late...

Friday 30 May 01:03pm

willava started new topic Driving after a c-sec

Hello. Everyone always says you can't drive for 6 weeks after a c-sect, so just wondering what the reasons were for this. I had an emergency c-sec a month ago and recovered really well and felt f...

Friday 15 February 02:56pm

willava started new topic Night sweats

Hello. Has anyone experience night sweats & how long did they last? I started having them about a week after giving birth (bubs is now 2 weeks old) I wake up saturated to the point where i need t...

Wednesday 30 January 11:24am

willava started new topic Tens Machine

Hello Just wondering if anyone has used a tens machine during labour & how successful you thought it was. Cheers Michelle

Thursday 03 January 10:47am

willava started new topic Leaking amniotic fluid??

Hello Just wondering how you would know the difference between leaking amniotic fluid & just having increased discharge. I'm 38 weeks and have had thrush throughout my whole pregnancy (had never h...

Tuesday 25 December 08:11am

willava started new topic Thrush & discharge

Hello I've had thrush pretty much throughout my whole pregnancy. I'm now 35 weeks & notice that I'm getting alot more discharge & I literally leak every morning when I get up & it continues through...

Wednesday 05 December 06:58am

willava replied to topic Breech bubs turning?

Good luck with the c-section & I hope it all goes well. I'd be packing it too being the first and not knowing what to expect either!! Stupid question, but what's a ECV??

Thursday 22 November 06:29pm

willava started new topic Breech bubs turning?

Hello. I'm 34 weeks and bubs was head down for the last few weeks. At my check up today the dr said he's now bum down & if he doesn't turn by 36 weeks we might have to consider a caeser. Just wan...

Thursday 22 November 11:38am

willava replied to topic Personal question re:Thrush

Hello. I'd never had thrush before I was pregnant but have literally had it the whole time and I'm almost 32 weeks. I've avoided treatments but getting to the point where it's bothering me too muc...

Thursday 08 November 06:28am

willava started new topic Yellowish discharge

Hello Ladies. Sorry if TMI. I know it's normal to have alot more discharge when pregnant, but I've noticed mine has become more yellowish lately. Does this also sound normal?? Thanks

Saturday 22 September 10:47am
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