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felicia replied to topic snoring

hi margherita I had sleep aponea Which in my cause was when I would stop breathing in my sleep for as long asa minute causing lack of oxygen to my brain (not dangerous unless been drinking) but my...

Tuesday 09 May 02:18pm

felicia replied to topic 1st Birthday ideas for a little girl

my dd is turning one at the end of the month we are getting her a tea set and crayons and colouring in book I think as that is the stage they will want to explore soon as long as its on the paper n...

Thursday 09 February 06:06am

felicia started new topic single mum

I just found out a couple of days ago a friend of mine has spilt with her baby's daddy. She is a bit down and uncertain of how she can cope - so any one been there that can give me some advice to h...

Friday 27 January 11:28am

felicia replied to topic head banger

Hi Lynley I am having the same problem zoe is 11 months and she has been doing the banging thing for a while now - her favourite places to do it is on the glass door and the TV cabinet which has s...

Thursday 26 January 03:00pm

felicia replied to topic How long between crawling & walking?

Hi kavanagh in our case my DD starting crwaling at about 7 months and then very quicky pulling herself up on furniture and walking along furniture - she started to walk on christmas day (a week off...

Wednesday 18 January 04:24pm

felicia replied to topic Early walker's

My daughter was 10months when my daughter started and getting heaps better no quite running though (she's 11 months now) How exciting I cant wait til she is running enjoy your daughters new adventu...

Monday 16 January 06:27am

felicia started new topic first birthday

my daughter will be one in feb and we are starting to form ideas on how to celebrate this event I was just wanting to know what other people did for their babies first birthday - I formed a list of...

Saturday 31 December 03:51pm

felicia started new topic bed time

My daughter is 9 1/2 months and we are having a little trouble with bed time we have a really good routine at night with bath, book, bottle and she is tired rubbing her eyes etc. The thing is as s...

Saturday 10 December 12:22pm

felicia replied to topic young new plymouth mums?

hi my little baby is zoe she was born oin the 27th feb 05 (about 81/2 months now) I live in Inglewood and always in np its a great district would enjoy to chat Im new at all this hopefully i post...

Saturday 12 November 11:42am
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