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Are you serious her soft spot is still as wide as your palm? my bubs is only less then half of that and his only 7 and a half months

Posted by: Newmum25 A part of my Chinese New Year's Resolution. (Chinese because I missed out on sticking to it already). I am commiting to: - No chocolate, No Soft Drinks, No junk food, No alochol - You know I am so amazed at how displine I was when I was pregnant, I was so strict with what I ate. Now I find it hard to stop myself from having all the foods I avoided during pregnancy. Anyway, I believe if you can stick to avoiding the above and just have healthy food, you'll be losing kilos. OMG i was the same. I didnt even take any medicine at all not even panadol, and i was diagnosed with gestation diabetes so I ate all the right things. No tea, coffee, artificial coloring, preservatives, and most of all NO SUSHI. Can you image 9 month sushi free. But its so worth it to see him healthy and well. I can do anything for bub but for me Im not motivated enough. and I used to be 55kg now im 73kg. I fell for the "EATING FOR TWO" bulls***. I thought everytime im hungry he doesnt...

they said by 18 months they would close up. Its a bad thing if it closes too early I was watchin one of those medical shows and this girls closed too early when she was a baby (its an disease she inherited from her dad) she needed these metal plates to open her skull up more cos her brain had no room to grow and one of her eye socket got pushed out. Its so scary last time i went to the doctors i got them to check bubs soft spot cos i think its closing abit fast

OMG tell me about it walking is boring. I just got my licence and told my partner that im going to take bub to shop and walk around as a form of execrise and he told me that I would look stupid

OMG i wanted to get order winsor pilates dvds but they are out of stock. I tried leg magic and it full hurt my leg i couldnt sleep cos everything i move it hurts. I have a tony ferguson weight loss center in my area i probably go check it out tomorrow. Every time im trying to watch what to eat they start ordering pizzas for dinner. and going movies eating popcorn and slurpee. I lose it and gain it. Im getting so frustrated.

I want to try weight watchers but I am planning to have another baby in 2-3 months and dont want to stay on the contract. I'm gonna go get a leg magic too hope that works

Its hard to have 2 meal on shakes so far i've only been drinking one but the other meals i watch my carbs as one shake has 24carbs i just eat something close to it. and I had to add abit of milk in my shake the first one i had with only water was so gross i donno if its the flavor or cos it has no milk I want to try leg magic but then imagine only the bottom half of your body is slim how weird would that be. I cant wait till go on the lemon detox but im gonna wait till after the new year and clean out my system altogether.

16kg in 3 months thats what I need. I plan to have my second baby around feb march. I think thats the problem everyone know what not to eat is the controlling what goes in the mouth part thats hard.

Posted by: lil_emma they havent induced me because my lilypie ticker is going off my LMP date and the hospital is going by my ultrasound date. according to them, i am due today. they are saying they wont induce me until the 19th of hoping i go naturally soon though because i am certainly looking and feeling like im ready to pop! I must be still writing the above msg when you reply so ignore what I said. 19th of december thats when I'm going for my P's good luck with the baby hope everything goes well.

Posted by: Hello Girlies! Naomi T here...... lil emma, how come they haven't induced you yet? or is your lilypie wrong...... my god girl must be ready to pop!!!!! I was just thinking the same. Lil emma your almost 10 days overdue I heard after 10 days the baby would have to be induced cos the nutritions are not going through to the baby anymore. My partner thinks Im cruel for giving him away and makes me feel guilty, he thinks thats how he plays growls and stuff and one time when my partners relatives came over and they had two girls about 8 and 10 and he did the same thing growl and chased them but by the end of the day he was humping their leg. He might be friendly once his used to ppl but who knows what if DS ever gets out and he ever gets in? its just not a chance Im willing to take. Cos my partners dad has a habit of leaving the door wide open very smart man.