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ggsmama started new topic urgent!! Baby 1st trio

hi i was given a baby 1st trio pram but now the clip to attach the toddler seat to the pram has broken. i want to get a replacement clip but i cannot find where exactly the pram wasbought or who ma...

Tuesday 08 September 04:00am

ggsmama replied to topic I am a little surprised I'm asking this but...

ok i may be a bit biased as my hubby works in IT for volvo and we always have a new volvo to drive. at the moment we are driving the XC90 and its fabulous!!! its so roomy and comfortable and very s...

Monday 20 April 05:24am

ggsmama replied to topic Food bill

wow $1200 a month is a lot fir just 3! we spend about $450 a month for me, hubby, DS 5, DD 10months this includes nappies wipes and cleaning products. we eat healthy meals made from scratch most n...

Friday 03 April 08:15am

ggsmama replied to topic Un-Fing-Believable

i would sp ca;; up child support and make him pay that $100 dollars now. how dare he and his gf think they can save even more money by making you and your son suffer! hit them where it hurts now i ...

Friday 27 March 08:38pm

ggsmama replied to topic Everything is left up to me...

i did have this problem but not anymore. Im a stay at home mu, to a 5 yr old, 18 month old and am 7 months pregnant. i organised our entire wedding - apart from his outfit and the music, do all the...

Thursday 05 March 07:24pm

ggsmama started new topic rba intrest cut?

has anyone heard anything about the intrest cut that may go through today.. ?

Wednesday 04 March 08:57am

ggsmama replied to topic Car loan on parenting payment?

meanwhile you could speak to the kids school and tell them waht is happening. they will then be able to help you get the kids to school as they will want them to attend. maybe another parent in the...

Wednesday 04 March 08:55am

ggsmama replied to topic Car loan on parenting payment?

i would tell the father of the kids to help you out a bit.. maybe help get your old car fixed, or help find an alternative car. Or drop the kids off to school for you. they are his kids too that ar...

Sunday 01 March 11:13am

ggsmama replied to topic Help, i need your ideas...

ok its a bit late for it now but as soon as my dh gets paid i take out enough petrol money to last the entire month and store it in the house.. (we have direct debit with tolls and they always take...

Wednesday 25 February 01:30pm

ggsmama replied to topic religion and spirituality

my kids are baptised catholic and my son goes to the local catholic school. I specifically choose this school because of the religious education as well as the high standard of mainstream education...

Wednesday 25 February 01:23pm

ggsmama replied to topic FIL issues, please offer advice

hi there, i have had problems with inlaws as well (who hasnt) but i think you need to see it from his point of view as well. planting those flowers for you i think is so nice and shoes that he real...

Wednesday 25 February 01:13pm

ggsmama replied to topic Times can't be that tough...

i love house hunting too! we just built our new house and have been here 3 months. however times are tough - the amount of redundancies and the rate of unemployment is scary. intrests rates which ...

Tuesday 24 February 08:35pm

ggsmama started new topic no sex for me...

hi there, i really think you need to keep asking your partner what is wrong.. this is definatly not right.. could he be worried about something such as work or finances? is he depressed about some ...

Wednesday 11 February 01:55pm

ggsmama replied to topic My annoying SIL and BIL....

Yes i think your over reacting. Extremly. Im sure you didnt ask them to move near you but they also do not need your permission. Is no one you already know allowed to move to your neighbourhood as ...

Wednesday 04 February 02:20pm

ggsmama replied to topic Suggestions Please!!!!!

hi, my sister in law had the same problem with her 4 little ones in finding a place. In the end they offered $20 more a week in rental (than the asking price)and got a place straight away. This was...

Saturday 24 January 10:17am

ggsmama replied to topic bond money - what would u do

i would just ask work for a payment in advance. how long have you been working there. im sure if you explained what has happened and what the money is for they would be happy to do it. otherwise ma...

Tuesday 20 January 04:08pm

ggsmama started new topic baby bonus?

just wondering if anyone knows how much the baby bonus is at the moment. I have a baby due in april???

Tuesday 20 January 09:06am

ggsmama replied to topic Nepean Public Hospital - Mums and Mums to be living in Penrith Area

hi girls, my name is susy, i am moving to Gp in about 3 months when our house is ready (still being built) and i would love to make new friends in the area. i have a 4yr old little man and an 9 mon...

Thursday 10 July 12:22pm

ggsmama started new topic who won australias next top model

can anyone tell me

Wednesday 02 July 05:04pm

ggsmama replied to topic Am I selfish?????????

i think you should leave the spots for working mothers.. your at home how much more of a break could you need? cant you do that stuff on the weekend?

Wednesday 25 June 05:09am
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