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thora replied to topic Religion (Catholic) question

Each parish has different requirements about the preparation for a baptism. The best thing to do is contact the parish or priest you wish to use and find out what they require of you... Some are ...

Sunday 13 March 06:41am

thora replied to topic OMG I just about killed myself

Gosh you are making me feel guilty....ive dont nothing for over a week ! Good effort

Wednesday 10 November 02:15am

thora replied to topic Natasha's story

Gosh what a lot to deal must have been so strong to take all of that in your stride and Natasha must be one brave little soul. I was so glad your story has a positive ending x x

Wednesday 10 March 09:42pm

thora replied to topic At What Age Do

My DS never held his own bottle. DD has only been bottle fed since 10 months and she isnt interested either.... Doesnt bother me much. I like the cuddle i get when feeding them.

Wednesday 10 March 02:41am
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