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Jules W

Jules W replied to topic hurtful comments about big babies

If there's one thing I've learnt in the last 2 years it's to ignore people who make remarks about DS size. He was born 3.97kg and 63cm (long and skinny) but very quickly progressed.... by 6 months...

Friday 12 October 04:19pm
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic tearing

Hi, I had the same thought as you after my first bub - but when I spoke to my obstetrician 2nd time round - he told me there was very little I could have done given the size of my boy(3.97kg). He ...

Saturday 25 August 09:11am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic ectopic pregnancy???

Hey Kat, Had an ectopic this time last year. The first sign I had was spotting - I thought I was actually having a miscarriage. I was sent for an ultrasound but they couldn't find anything (no ...

Monday 20 August 09:37am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic foods that cause wind

Cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts......would you believe all of these were on the hospital menu and I remembered too late!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 11 August 02:55am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic Medicine

Don't stress too much. If it was that early on your bub/egg probably hadn't even implanted yet - so nothing would cross from you to it. Only a problem once the placenta is working I think. Jules

Wednesday 11 July 08:36am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic Piles

You poor thing - I can sympathise having had the same problem. Drink HEAPS of water. Also as the others have said prunes, pears are also good. If you can't stomach those, there's a fibre powder ...

Wednesday 11 July 08:32am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic Help... Could someone please give me some advise. If this keeps going will i loose my baby?

Bam, You are obviously going through hell at the moment - my heart really goes out to you. You obviously love the guy but if he's making threats against you and your unborn child, maybe it's best...

Thursday 14 June 09:11am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic 35 weeks and EXHAUSTED

Hi - I'm 34 weeks and 1 day and feeling exactly the same. It's pretty normal - especially as your bub is growing so much in these final weeks. Just try to rest when you can and listen to what you...

Wednesday 06 June 09:40am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic spotting after pos preg test

Hi Jody, Like the other girls, I had spotting early this pregnancy also - around the 5.5week mark, then a week later. Had a m/c in June 06 which started the same way but I'm now almost 34 weeks a...

Saturday 02 June 04:36am
Jules W

Jules W started new topic haemorhoids

ok, I know this isn't a fun topic, but I need some advice. I developed the dreaded things (haemorhoids) while giving birth to my first child. Haven't had any problems until now. I'm 32 weeks preg...

Saturday 19 May 04:39am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic measuring too big??

Hi, I had the same thing. At 28 weeks measured 33cm. Scared the living daylights out of me as my 1st was pretty big - thought I was going to have a monster. At 30 weeks, I'd come back down to 30...

Saturday 19 May 04:29am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic Finding out the sex of your baby.

Hey Justine, not sure yet. Will find out in about 8 weeks. We were told we're having a girl but I'm not convinced..... DH and I always expected to have 2 boys (the first is) so I won't accept tha...

Saturday 19 May 04:12am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic Ectopic Pregnancy Help!

Hi Sam, I'm Jules - Nikki was telling you about me. I had an ectopic in June last year - I actually didn't lose a tube - it managed to resolve itself (after 6 weeks of testing from first bleed, a d...

Thursday 03 May 08:46am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic anyone else have SPD?

Mornings are is getting up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. I feel like I can't walk. And trying to roll over in bed is a nightmare. I also didn't have it this bad with...

Thursday 03 May 08:23am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic Moving to a big bed

Hi Montysmum, I recently moved my 16month old into a big bed. He's quite big for his age and was doing the same thing as your little girl and none of us were getting any sleep because he'd wake h...

Sunday 22 October 03:57pm
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic Tips and facts for TTC, have anymore to add?

Hey Amber, I've heard that if the woman reaches orgasm after partner has ejaculated it's better for TTC than the other way around. For some reason it acts as a barrier (ie. to keep sperm in) but ...

Monday 07 August 11:14am
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic Maximum dosage of Raspberry leaf tablets

Hi Denae, Not sure what max. number of tablets is sorry... but you can supplement with Raspberry leaf tea. I didn't start drinking till I was overdue (desperation set in) but it really seemed to ...

Thursday 22 June 10:07am
Jules W

Jules W started new topic Waking early because of wet nappy

For the past 2 months my son (11 months old) has been waking anywhere between 1am and 6.30am with a sopping wet nappy. He is wetting through everything - pyjamas, sleeping bag, bedding etc. I have...

Wednesday 31 May 04:06pm
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic Stopped sleeping through.

Hey Emily, If it's any consolation, my DS did this also. Right on 5 months. He's now 7 months and has only in the last week gone back to sleeping through until 6.30m. I didn't do anything diffe...

Thursday 12 January 08:08pm
Jules W

Jules W replied to topic What is your 6/7 month doing

Hey Angelique, Mark is 7 months on Sunday. He's a bit of a mixture really. He did roll a couple of times, both ways, but then refused to do it again. Has been sitting up since 5 months, and now...

Thursday 12 January 07:54pm
Jules W
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