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mum84 replied to topic Bathroom Reno, where to start?

Hi, It depends on what you want done. If its just tap wear update, then just a plumber. But if you need to move things around you will need a carpenter and a plumber plus maybe a tiler. It all depe...

Thursday 29 May 02:21pm

mum84 replied to topic Does it get better??

It does get better! It could be a phase she is going through and her just testing the waters. It wont always be like that. My almost 3 year old boy is at that stage now- into everything he knows he...

Wednesday 15 January 04:49pm

mum84 replied to topic Your Birthday...

Thanks ladies, I am just pleased to know I am not the only one! Hubby has said he will make it up to me over the weekend ???? even his family are bad for it too- my sil has said to me 'oh I ha...

Saturday 23 November 06:44am

mum84 started new topic Your Birthday...

Every year i hate my birthday, not because it means i am getting old...(Lol I am not even 30) but i feel like i am left out or not important.... Hubby does try his best but i sometimes think if i d...

Friday 22 November 02:37pm

mum84 replied to topic Weight

DD 1 - 20kgs 5 years DS - 19kg 2 1/2years DD2- 10kgs 1 year Ds is rather solid and tall. 98cm

Friday 01 November 11:27am

mum84 replied to topic nurofen

Nurofen should be the last resort, yes. Also it needs to be taken with food or just after. I also didnt know this until my neighbour who is a doctor told me- if a child falls and hits their head or...

Thursday 31 October 09:15am

mum84 replied to topic A little sneak peek :)

Love it!! If the kitchen is anything to go by, I think you built my dream home!!

Saturday 26 October 10:51am

mum84 replied to topic For those who want to see :)

WOW!! You are a stunner! Great photography by the way! Love the vintage phone!

Wednesday 23 October 01:41pm

mum84 replied to topic 2.5 yo hitting

My 2 1/2 Ds does this, and from what i can gather, he does it out of frustration and anger depending on what was happening at the time. I dont think at that age they can express themselves well eno...

Wednesday 23 October 01:39pm

mum84 replied to topic Eating ice weeks before due date.....

YES! when i was pregnant with both my girls, i couldn't get enough ice. Hubby used to joke that it didn't freeze fast enough! With my boy tho i thought it tasted funny.,

Wednesday 23 October 12:25pm

mum84 replied to topic Tonsil removal - what to expect?

Thanks for the info.... I think i will have a battle on my hands. She says she doesn't want to go any more...But i know that she needs to she has has tonsillitis 6 times in the last 4 months a...

Wednesday 23 October 08:31am

mum84 started new topic Tonsil removal - what to expect?

My dd1 is having her tonsils removed next week and I was wondering what should we expect on the day? I want to try to prepare her (&me) as much as possible. We went through the general gist of ...

Tuesday 22 October 05:07pm

mum84 replied to topic Present for my dad, help me!!

Is he a reader? Does he like travel? Voucher for dinner?

Tuesday 22 October 11:52am

mum84 replied to topic Feeling blah

All the time!!! I thought last night i would get up when hubby gets up at 5 and hop on the treadmill for 30 mins, then shower and be ready for when the kids get up.... but i didnt even hear the ala...

Tuesday 22 October 11:38am

mum84 replied to topic The Child whisperer book?

Thanks ladies, it talks about the different types children are and how best to relate to them i think... I just dont want to buy it if its no good....

Tuesday 22 October 11:24am

mum84 started new topic The Child whisperer book?

Just wondering if anyone has read or heard of the child whisperer book? Thanks

Monday 21 October 03:07pm

mum84 replied to topic Day sleep & pillows?

DD1 was 1 when she decided no more day naps but did sleep 6pm-6/7am. Pillow came in about 2 years. DS is 2 1/2 and still has a 2 hour nap most days - pillow introduced about 20 months. DD2 is just ...

Tuesday 15 October 03:25pm

mum84 started new topic Going off the pill to conceive.

How excting!! The thing is everyone is different, also i think it depends on why you were on the pill other than for contraception. If your periods were all over the place before it can be a bit ha...

Wednesday 09 October 12:47pm

mum84 replied to topic Kidlet Questionaire

1. 5, 2 1/2, 1 2. 7pm, 6:30-7pm 3. SS, sit with him, and both 4. no yes yes 5. strawberries/pancakes, chocolate/sauages, strawberry/corn cob 6. outside, outside, inside (she hates the feel of gras...

Tuesday 08 October 12:14pm

mum84 started new topic Ear infections

Just wanting some advice from mums whose children have regular ear infections. My DD2 has had like 6 ear infections in the last 6 months, not really sure but is that something a dr would recommend ...

Monday 07 October 04:02pm
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