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***Tracey*** replied to topic Can babies/young toddlers

yes it can be passed on to babies and toddlers.

Thursday 24 November 08:56pm

***Tracey*** replied to topic does anyone get on better with

get i was wondering does anyone get on better with their inlaws over their own family? it seems like no one does but i figure theres bound to be someone lol YES!!!! My MIL is like a mother to ...

Tuesday 22 November 01:43am

***Tracey*** replied to topic VKW or anyone else who has done this Can I pick your brain for a minute

sorry, the course must have changed since I did it. Don't remember or cant find that one- Have you asked your learning coach for a hint?Mine always put me in the right di...

Tuesday 20 September 12:33am

***Tracey*** started new topic VKW or anyone else who has done this Can I pick your brain for a minute

I am stuck on one question in stage 2 CHCEDS307A Support the Development of Numeracy Skills. Using the handout in class resources “Language for getting started in Mathematics” what language do st...

Monday 19 September 10:08pm

***Tracey*** replied to topic Has this happened to anyone else

It happened at the doctors surgery, they were fantastic and looked after her extremely well. The dr and nurse kept on checking on her every 5-10 mins for about an hour. She was fine before the in...

Tuesday 13 September 12:30am

***Tracey*** started new topic Has this happened to anyone else

My DD had her 4 yr old injections today and about 10 mins after she had the she went all pale , her little body went all limp and fainted with her eyes rolling back and only could see the white of...

Monday 12 September 11:46pm

***Tracey*** replied to topic need an anwser to my question

no sorry but could you ring health line? health line wont help sorry i've pm'd you Thank you *missy*me* I have pmed you back

Saturday 10 September 06:06am

***Tracey*** started new topic need an anwser to my question

. any nurses on that can help, dont feel comfortbale posting it on here

Friday 09 September 06:36am

***Tracey*** replied to topic Dear huggies technos!

Hi, it worked for me on wifi and it takes forever to load on 3g network and then stopped.

Sunday 21 August 02:15am

***Tracey*** replied to topic crikey !!!

this place is slower then a wet week these days !! lol ll lol remember when it used to be fast moving and there were like 4 pages of posts per day ??? ....arrhh the good old days when you had to...

Tuesday 16 August 03:24am

***Tracey*** started new topic BREAKING: A 41-year-old man has reportedly been taken into custody over the disappearance of Queensland schoolboy Daniel Morcombe.

Major media confrence coming up on the QPS facebook police starting soon. ETA found this out via seven news brisbane face book page.

Sunday 14 August 04:57am

***Tracey*** replied to topic Amber teething beads

I think you can buy them from nest nappies at paddington.

Sunday 14 August 12:40am

***Tracey*** replied to topic Is anyone studying or studied the

are you doing it through b online?If so , have you done any of the verbal assessments or webinars yet?Good luck with it.I am so pleased I'm done! I am doing in trough metropo...

Friday 05 August 01:03am

***Tracey*** replied to topic Is anyone studying or studied the

I was the vice president of our p & c so I used that as an example, also I used to be the playgoup coordinator so used that as well.So using the mothers group would be ...

Thursday 04 August 11:08pm

***Tracey*** replied to topic Is anyone studying or studied the

Hi Ladies, Sorry for the late reply, been busy trying this get the assesments done. The question I have is to do with CHCEDS314A: Work effectively in an education team in stage one. The actual ...

Thursday 04 August 10:37pm

***Tracey*** replied to topic Is anyone studying or studied the

is anyone else doing this course? I have just started and am stuck on some question.

Wednesday 27 July 02:22am

***Tracey*** replied to topic kmart toy

where?? opps sorry, I was trying to type this with my 19month old sitting on my lap. Glad you got the link.

Thursday 23 June 03:17am

***Tracey*** started new topic kmart toy

is online now.

Thursday 23 June 02:27am

***Tracey*** replied to topic Looking to meet other mums and bubs

Hi, I wont know if we can catch up this week until after Tuesday, need to do a few make ups for swimming as both kids have been pretty sick.

Saturday 11 June 10:27pm

***Tracey*** replied to topic Retained placenta

I had my first baby in December, and unfortunately after the birth my placenta didn't detatch. I found the whole process quite stressful and upsetting - after several failed attempts at a manual r...

Saturday 11 June 10:24pm
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