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21kellie08 replied to topic Holds on until nappy or pants are on

Hi, We're in the process of attempting toilet training with our daughter, who's just over 2. She's showing all the signs but it's like she's scared of going in the toilet or potty. I'm only reply...

Tuesday 14 July 10:27am

21kellie08 replied to topic what to do?

Aargh! How frustrating for you! We went through something similar recently. IL's are seperated, have been for almost 10 years, yet MIL didn't want to come to DDs 2nd birthday if he's there... SIL d...

Saturday 30 May 02:11pm

21kellie08 replied to topic Toddler toe walking..

My DD does this from time to time. She has just turned 2 and tbh I didn't really notice it until my MIL pointed it out. She works in one of those Child Health community clinic places. MIL told me t...

Saturday 30 May 01:56pm

21kellie08 replied to topic Just A Thought

I'm a very lucky woman in regards to my partner... I often don't appreciate the things that he does for me. So I agree with what the OP was saying and think that this post was a nice idea. He does...

Saturday 30 May 12:44pm

21kellie08 replied to topic HELP!!! I'M SOOOOOO NOT HANDLING THIS! WHY CAN'T I ACCEPT IT?

Hi... I think you need to talk to someone, be it your Community Child Nurse or a GP or family/friend... whatever. From the very limited insight into your life it sounds as if you're really struggli...

Saturday 30 May 11:10am

21kellie08 replied to topic young mums from 15 to 25

Hi... I had my daughter 3 months before my 20th birthday. I am now 21 and my daughter is 16 months old. It wasn't a planned pregnancy, but I believe that everything happens for a reason and I coul...

Saturday 13 September 08:55am

21kellie08 replied to topic DAY SLEEPS NOTTTT

Aargh! I have exactly the same problem when it comes to day sleeps. My daughter Isabelle is 2 months old now and she just doesnt like to sleep during the day. She has the 5-30 minute naps as well. ...

Thursday 19 July 01:51pm
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