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mkr replied to topic How do you cook up veg for finger food?

Hi I cook everything that my DD eats (always have) but was having the same problem as you. I also found that frozen vegies were great to use as finger foods. They are just as nutritionally sound...

Saturday 28 March 07:53pm

mkr replied to topic Very bad Eczema

I have also heard that putting bub to bed in wet clothes works. Not sure if you are breast feeding or not but we put our DD on to goats milk formula and use goats milk soap when she has a bath. T...

Sunday 01 March 06:17pm

mkr replied to topic 8 month old sleeping

hi It sounds like you were doing excactly what I was doing every night with my DD from about 6 months. When she got to about 8 months I couldn't take any more broken sleep, especially having to get...

Tuesday 20 January 10:00pm

mkr replied to topic Newborn nappies?

Like everyone else said it does depend on how big bub is and also whether they put on weight easily after they are born. I had bought 3 or 4 boxes before my DD was born and was laughed at by a coup...

Saturday 20 September 04:47am

mkr replied to topic Hard painful tummy?

Don't want to scare you but I think you should go and be checked espescially if you can't feel bub. Had a friend in recent weeks who had similar syptoms to you and lost her bub the night before she...

Saturday 20 September 04:40am

mkr replied to topic cradle cap

Thanks for that info

Saturday 20 September 04:27am

mkr started new topic cradle cap

Can anyone suggest a way to get rid of cradle cap from 7 month old DD who has lots of hair? Thanks

Friday 19 September 05:09pm

mkr replied to topic is this acceptable behaviour from a husband?

I would leave the kids with him one night and give him some of his own medicine. Even if you just booked yourself into a hotel for the night and turned your phone off. Then when he gets worried (as...

Monday 07 July 06:15pm

mkr started new topic conistency of rice cereal

hi just wondering what the consistency of rice cereal should be? I made some yesterday for the first time according to the dircections on the packet and it was very runny. For some reason I thought...

Friday 04 July 07:46am

mkr replied to topic Babies sleep during the day?

My DD was exactly like this. We got a battery operated swing and she used to fall asleep in that. Was a life saver for me at the time.

Thursday 03 July 08:59pm

mkr replied to topic Early morning waking up??

Funny to read this because my 5 month DD does exactly the same thing. I am hesitating putting her in her own room because at the moment she is right next to me and it is easy to just reach over and...

Thursday 03 July 08:45pm

mkr replied to topic Sleeping and weight

Hi Butterfly007 my DD had exactly the same problem. She didn't get up to her birth weight until she was 6 weeks old and even though she looked healthy and was generally a happy baby, the (many!)ho...

Sunday 29 June 06:51pm

mkr replied to topic Red/Irritated Neck Region?

My DD has the same thing. I started putting baby powder there after each bath. I found this worked a treat as the redness was a bit like chaffing and the powder dried it out.

Thursday 26 June 05:41pm

mkr replied to topic Pretty bras

I haven't seen hot milk in bras n' things. Only seen them in little specialty stores. The short stories bra that I have is white with black lace over the top on the cups and as comfortable as an E...

Monday 23 June 05:29pm

mkr replied to topic Anyone been to the Pub lately??

Wow $6 for soda water - and I thought $4.20 for glass of coke was a rip off!

Monday 23 June 05:10pm

mkr started new topic Pretty bras

Hi kitty You could try a brand called 'hot milk'. really pretty maternity underwear. I think can be found in most specialty bra shops. Haven't spotted them in department stores unfortunately. I ha...

Monday 23 June 04:59pm

mkr replied to topic help please

I always take a small thermos of hot water and a small plastic container so I can warm an expressed bottle without bothering anyone. It is a bit extra to carry but I just find it more convenient.

Wednesday 18 June 06:01pm

mkr replied to topic do boobs remain sore while breastfeeding

Hi mel9671 when I stopped using the nipple shield they were still slightly sore (especially when she first latched on) but after about a week it became much more comfortable. I found lots of stigma...

Wednesday 18 June 01:56pm

mkr started new topic dream feeds

just wondering if anyone can give me some advice about giving a dream feed. I try but my 41/2 month old daughter always wakes and takes a while to settle afterwards. Any tips would be appreciated....

Tuesday 17 June 06:32pm

mkr replied to topic do boobs remain sore while breastfeeding

mine hurt terribly and I used a nipple shield for the first 2 months. I think I know just as many women that breastfeeding was uncomfortable or even painful as those who had no problems.

Tuesday 17 June 05:56pm
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