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dabenham replied to topic NAPPY LEAKS???

Yeah Tanzy if you read back over some of the posts you'll see that they've been edited by the moderator and where there was obviously another brand name it now has (another brand) or something simi...

Thursday 15 November 05:13pm

dabenham replied to topic NAPPY LEAKS???

Well I tried a larger size to no avail!!!! He had the nappy on for no more than 2.5hrs and he is wet up yhe one side again.... thanks for making more washing for me huggies!! My son has only just ...

Wednesday 14 November 12:11pm

dabenham replied to topic HUGGIES NAPPIES - WHO IS NOT HAPPY WITH THEM - LEA

My DS has his nappy on for not much longer than 3hrs at a tme and yet I am now finding I am having to change his whole outfit every 3 hrs because his nappy has leaked and he is wet all over and som...

Tuesday 13 November 08:22am

dabenham replied to topic NAPPY LEAKS???

I have the same problem with the Newborn nappies and my baby is getting changed every 3 or so hours. Poo and wee leaks out the sides and my son ends up wet all up one side of his body. I thought ...

Monday 12 November 01:53pm

dabenham replied to topic REGISTERING BABYS SURNAME

You can give the baby any last name you like... there is no law as to what name you give your child as long as it's not offensive. Hope this helps. Danielle

Saturday 03 November 08:05pm

dabenham replied to topic My friends baby has BAD nappy rash!!!

i have found that Desitin creme works really well and i am thinking of stopping using the wipes and just using cotton buds and water.

Saturday 03 November 01:55pm

dabenham replied to topic Desperate – PLS HELP

my son went through a week of wanting to eat as much as possible and i felt like a cow but it didn't last forever an i was told that he's not starving but that he is putting in his menu order to en...

Saturday 03 November 01:14pm

dabenham replied to topic Any idea's would be appreciated- baby boy not sleeping!!!

My 3 week old does basically the same thing and my friend's son did the same thing till he was about 8 weeks and then he started to change his routine and was sleeping from 7pm to 5am from 10 week...

Thursday 01 November 08:05pm

dabenham replied to topic 3wk old not sleeping

thanks mason's mum... that does help to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Thursday 01 November 12:57pm

dabenham started new topic 3wk old not sleeping

My 3 week old son started out wonderfully... he would feed, burp, get changed and go to sleep for at least 3 hours at a time. Now though he feeds, gets changed and refuses to sleep. He's alert fo...

Wednesday 31 October 07:01pm

dabenham replied to topic 38 weeks, what is 2/5 engaged?

2/5 engaged means your bubs is almost engaged. 5/5 is fully engaged and bub will come at any time. They start counting from -5, -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 is how it goes. I am currently 4/5 engaged...

Friday 05 October 06:56pm

dabenham replied to topic FINALLY!!!!

I hear ya on the name front. My DH and I agreed on one till he came home one day and decided that he didn't like it anymore because of what it might be shortened to. I loved it cos it incorporated...

Monday 01 October 05:46am

dabenham replied to topic Nepean Hospital

Don't know if they have facilities for water births sorry but I do know they're a pretty good hospital. My seven nieces and 2 nephews were all born there and so was my brother and I. Maybe just r...

Sunday 30 September 12:02pm

dabenham replied to topic BRISBANE OBS. - KAREN WATSON

Hi Jaz, I haven't used Karen Watson or anyone in Brisbane but am from Brisbane and have friends who've given birth up there etc. And I have used the Wesley for other things and it is a great hosp...

Wednesday 26 September 09:26am

dabenham replied to topic ICKY QUESTION

Sounds like your plug to me!! Some ladies lose it slowly, some lose it in globs like you and others may not lose it till they're in labour. But what you have described is what my midwives have t...

Wednesday 26 September 09:21am

dabenham replied to topic what does dad have mum doesnt?

I wouldn't worry too much... maybe she can sense that your tense. Baby's are very intuitive with that. They feel it. So if you're letting off any vibes that you're tired, tense or stressed she w...

Monday 24 September 03:11pm

dabenham replied to topic Happy Post!

I like this post!! My MIL has decided that she needed to buy ALL bubs clothes from 0 to 3months!! She's bringing it all across from the States with her. And my dad bought the travel cot and the ...

Monday 24 September 12:05pm

dabenham replied to topic No- antenatal classes & First time mum 2 be

Anne, I honestly felt the same way. I was living in Dubai and they don't have classes or anything over there either. So I just read as much as I possibly could. When I got to Australia at 33 we...

Monday 24 September 06:53am

dabenham replied to topic When did your baby engage

Hi Lea, I am pregnant with my first and have been told that my bub has engaged and I am 36w6d pregnant. But what you've heard is true... every pregnancy is different. But typically first borns...

Saturday 22 September 05:45am

dabenham replied to topic I am really kacking my daks about this birth

Victoria, you have a lot of support around you. Your midwives and probably Ob will be there monitoring and making sure you're doing alright and that bub is doing alright. They won't let it get tha...

Friday 21 September 05:22pm
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