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archersmyboy replied to topic flying babies

i think its reccomended after 6 weeks but it is up to u i guess it is also reccomended you feed them on takeoff and decent so they can adjust to the air pressure and not have a head ache for the wh...

Monday 16 July 02:25pm

archersmyboy replied to topic theory about dummies..?

sucking on a dummie is alot better than having them suck there thumb which can cause buck teeth in later days

Monday 16 July 02:18pm

archersmyboy replied to topic Will I be able to be a bridesmaid?

i say go for it you shouldnt be afraid of what your body might do every one is different but with a bit of support you shouldnt have a problem having A baby is a great thing and you shouldnt hide i...

Monday 16 July 02:07pm

archersmyboy replied to topic Swelling 'down there'..Is this normal??

i had a simmular problem but it was b4 i gave birth i was told i could be thrush so i got canesten cream from the chemist and it went away thank god i had been putting up with painful swolen bits f...

Monday 16 July 02:00pm

archersmyboy replied to topic periods returned after only 3 weeks!!! (bugga)

my son was born on the 13 june and i got my period after just 3 weeks aswell and on the same day as they normally came before the birth weird hey.

Monday 16 July 01:52pm

archersmyboy replied to topic should i have cried?

i had a 8hr labour with my first and 4hrs with my seccond i didnt cry for either

Monday 16 July 01:24pm

archersmyboy replied to topic when did yous all have sex again coz im scared of doing it

we had sex about 6weeks after my first baby it was a bit uncomfortable but going gently helps but after my seccond baby we still havent had sex so i guess its upto your body when it is ready for it

Monday 16 July 01:14pm

archersmyboy replied to topic post partum infection?

i too have a yellowish discharge and was not sure weather or not it was normal i have not seen my gp yet but now i think i might mention it having read your post

Monday 16 July 01:10pm

archersmyboy started new topic grocery shopping

we too spend about 200 a week not including nappies for both our boys i found that buying nappies in bulk is always cheaper big w it seems to b the cheapest place for good bulk nappies and also for...

Sunday 15 July 08:56am
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