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CWD8C0 replied to topic Paradise Resort - Gold Coast Or Crown Towers

We stayed at Crown Towers 2 years ago. Loved it. Heated pool and outdoor pool with slide, pirate ship etc. There is the bungee slingshot ride next door. We didn't have a room on that side but it o...

Tuesday 01 December 08:34pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Losec

DS2 was put on zantac from 13 days old until 6 weeks old. Wasn't working so he went onto losec. I have always had the losec made into suspension form, as paed advised. Is more expensive but DS2 has...

Thursday 09 July 05:38pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Greek girls names

Loula is ok Know two people called Anthoula and Stavroula. Other Greek names: Anastasia Dimitra Theodora Katerina Aria Xanthe

Friday 12 June 06:13pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic the best thing about having a son is

Everything already said! The hugs, the love, the compliments. The little helper, the explorer, the builder. Even better, having 2 sons who are brothers and friends and a tag team who have me run ...

Saturday 06 June 05:19pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Naming a child before they are born????

We named both our boys before they were born. I am the organised, control freak type, so the prospect of a short list or no name at birth would have stressed me out! We didn't make a final decisio...

Saturday 04 April 01:03pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Campbell Kaitlyn &...

Campbell, Kaitlyn and Brianna Campbell, Kaitlyn and Mackenzie Campbell, Kaitlyn and Olivia Campbell, Kaitlyn and Lara Campbell, Kaitlyn and Emily

Tuesday 31 March 09:04pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Coles Home Delivery

I always check the items off, as I unpack them. Only once in about 9 months have I had an item missing. I just called the customer care number and they credit the amount to your next order.

Friday 27 March 08:08pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Do u think mackenzie is ok for a boys name?

My niece is named Mackenzie. After she was born and I told people they had had a baby named Mackenzie, most people assumed they had had a boy. I think it is fine for a boy or a girl.

Wednesday 25 March 12:20pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic When a name you love

If the children were to have identical first names and surnames, then no I wouldn't use it. But if they were a family member with a different surname, then yes I'd still use the name I loved.

Tuesday 24 March 02:12pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Sydney Aquarium or Sydney Wildlife World

My DS is nearly 4 and we went to both last year. He would go to the aquarium every week if you let him, loves it! Wildlife park was a bit boring. I found it was more geared towards overseas touri...

Thursday 19 March 01:42pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Easter Hat parade

DS has just started pre school and there is an Easter Hat Parade. I actually bought an Easter basket and have turned it upside down and we are decorating that as his hat. Fits on his head perfectl...

Tuesday 17 March 08:01pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Argh help girls please.

DS2 was diagnosed with silent relfux at 13 days old. Tried Zantac until he was 6 weeks and then went on to Losec. Losec worked within 48 hours for us but can take up to 2 weeks to see a change. Als...

Thursday 12 March 12:03pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Something Different (I'm Bored!!)

Girl: Keturah (pron Ket-chew-rah) Eve Boy: Malachi Noah

Friday 06 March 05:50pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Kindy

DS1 started pre school in Feb. They have rest time and put a dvd on for those children who don't sleep. We had to supply a cot sheet set (fitted and flat) and a blanket for winter. Ds hasn't slept ...

Thursday 05 March 05:57pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic losec

DS2 was on Zantac from 13 days old until 6 weeks old. At 6 weeks paed put him on losec. He was diagnosed with silent reflux. We have never used the tablet form but have it compounded into suspensio...

Wednesday 04 March 07:45pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic whats your cut off point

I always said as long as I had 1 child before I turned 30. DS2 arrived 1 month after my 30th birthday! We have always planned to have 3 children and lately have even been entertaining the idea of ...

Monday 02 March 05:14pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Boys name...opinions please

I think it is a great name. When written it does seem to have lots of r's and o's but I think it is fine when you say it. Good luck for Wed

Monday 02 March 11:52am

CWD8C0 replied to topic Kinder Art Work..

My DS also started pre-school 3 weeks ago. I kept his 1st artwork, the pre-school have displayed some of his on the walls. Then every week when we are driving there (he only attends 1 day) I ask h...

Friday 20 February 06:30pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic What are your thoughts on...

My DS1 is April 8th and every year we have had a party. 1st bday at a park - fine weather 2nd bday hired a venue - rained but cleared 3rd bday at home - rained late afternoon This year I'm going ...

Thursday 19 February 04:10pm

CWD8C0 replied to topic Boys Names ....What do you think is the nicest and what don't you like?

Like Darcy, Flynn, Elliot. Don't like Blake, Chase, Pierce. Hudson and Austin are ok.

Sunday 15 February 02:33pm
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