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Froggi replied to topic How young is to young

I took DS to my cousins wedding when he was 6 weeks, he wasn't specifically invited or not-invited. I just took him along, no way I would have left him, if I'd been told not to take him, I wouldn't...

Sunday 18 November 12:20am

Froggi replied to topic another question... going overdue

1st - 38+5 2nd - 40+2 3rd - 41+2

Sunday 18 November 12:14am

Froggi replied to topic Daycare and a breastfed baby

My DS started daycare at 9 months and DD at 7 months, with both I sent 2 bottles of ebm at all times, making sure they stored it correctly so if one wasn't used it was still good to use the next da...

Friday 17 August 09:41pm

Froggi replied to topic Can i ask to be induced?

Definitely too early to worry. My 2nd and now 3rd Bub were transverse till about 33 weeks at which point they both went head down (woke-up and my tummy was sticking out way more than when I went to...

Sunday 12 August 10:41pm

Froggi replied to topic worming cats

Every 3 months from 6 months onwards. If you just got it I'd worm straight away, depending on it's history, I'd consider a repeat dose in two weeks.

Friday 09 September 07:25am

Froggi replied to topic how long did you breast feed for??

DS almost self-weaned a week after his 2nd birthday (I gave him a little nudge he was only having one feed a day, I was 30 weeks pregnant and wanted to go on a quick child-free holiday). DD is 14....

Friday 19 August 11:08pm

Froggi replied to topic am i mean? - fur baby question

I don't think that's mean at all. Both my dogs are tied up every night. I don't want them inside and left to their own devices they run around barking all night (thanks to all cats in the street wh...

Saturday 18 September 08:06am

Froggi replied to topic I want to buy DS a "baby"

I just bought my DS a "baby" to play with while I'm busy with DD. I did it after I saw him swaddle his toy drill in one of DD wraps and "burp" it LOL. I'm a cheapskate, I got him a $13 soft bodied ...

Saturday 04 September 09:30am

Froggi replied to topic Car Seats

We recently purchased a Hipod Senator for DS (almost 2.5yr). Love it. Bit slimmer than the Maxi rider and performs very well in safety tests.

Sunday 29 August 07:40am

Froggi replied to topic What did you want to be when you grew up?

A vet like my Dad, took me awhile (I was a terrible high school student) but I got there in the end. Never realised how much I was going to enjoy being a Mum though I'm at home with the kids curre...

Sunday 29 August 07:22am

Froggi replied to topic Anyone had to regrow a toenail?

Oooh, doesn't sound good. I had to regrow a toenail. I somehow managed to "kill" my toenail, my hiking boot got wet, shrunk and part of it cut in just below the base of my nail, I continued to wear...

Sunday 22 August 08:46am

Froggi replied to topic Washable vs Disposable Breast Pads

Love, love, love my reusable breast pads. I have used them right from the start, the have a waterproof layer so no soaking though problems. They are softer, don't bunch, cheaper and no waste I ca...

Friday 13 August 08:39am

Froggi replied to topic 11 days old with water poo and bum rash!

Hey there! Christina has of course covered most of your questions but I just thought - when he's sucking his hands and "looking for the breast" not long after a feed - is he really hungry or just ...

Thursday 12 August 08:21am

Froggi replied to topic Have to ask while I think of it!

My DS had one side only for about the first 3 months, then he started having both at each feed. DD is only 9 weeks, she usually has one side only, but sometimes late afternoon, when my supply is a ...

Thursday 12 August 07:59am

Froggi replied to topic Breastfeeding beyond 1 year

Hi, I bf my DS till he was just over 2 years. I almost let him self wean - just gave him a little nudge right at the end - I was 29 weeks pregnant and the oppurtunity for a little holiday (without ...

Monday 09 August 08:32am

Froggi replied to topic Have you gone into labour without baby being engaged for your first baby?

I went into labour naturally at 38+6w with my 1st, he hadn't even begun to engage and didn't till about 12 hours in. My second was exactly the same, sitting really high, still went into labour nat...

Wednesday 07 July 02:49am

Froggi started new topic Are we wasting our time?

Hi, I'm trying to toilet train DS and have no idea what I'm doing LOL, so I'm looking for advice. He is 28 months, we have been checking if he was ready on and off since 18 months. Our last serious...

Tuesday 06 July 08:10am

Froggi replied to topic First Solid Food

Avocado mixed with breastmilk. Farex is disgusting.

Tuesday 06 July 07:46am

Froggi replied to topic Does anyone have 2 dogs?!

I have two Golden Retrievers. I had one before I got pregnant the 1st time, then while I was pregnant I stupidly thought he would cope better with less attention if he had a friend and got a second...

Thursday 01 July 08:58am

Froggi replied to topic at what age

DS went into a single bed just after he turned two. DH wouldn't let me get a safety rail, he said he would "learn his boundaries" quicker without it. He's only fallen out 3 times and it was a soft ...

Sunday 27 June 07:51am
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