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jen2681 started new topic 4 kids in a Toyota kluger?

Hi we are expecting our 4th child soon and we have a 7 seat Toyota kluger (with the split back seats). My kids will be 6, 4, 2 and newborn and I'm trying to decide where the best place to seat...

Saturday 11 January 08:59pm

jen2681 started new topic Does a Strider Plus fit in a Toyota Kluger with the back seats up?

I'm hoping there is a Mum or Dad out there who has a Toyota Kluger 7 seater and a Strider Plus pram??? We are looking at buying a Kluger as we are planning number 4, but as we only bought the ...

Tuesday 11 June 04:18pm

jen2681 replied to topic Best cars for 4 kids????

Thanks so much for your advice ladies! I've just had a look at all of these online - now I really can't decide! Think I'm going to have to go check out a few dealerships so I can get...

Sunday 26 May 10:25pm

jen2681 started new topic Best cars for 4 kids????

Hi all, my hubby & I are planning our 4th (and final) child and we have been looking into car options to accommodate 4 children. I'm not a big fan of the van or bus type cars, we like the ...

Sunday 26 May 03:34pm

jen2681 replied to topic 18mo settling problems

Thanks for your thoughts, ladies. My daughter does have a soft elephant she takes to bed with her - sometimes she uses it to sleep, sometimes not. I have tried putting a few extra soft toys and a...

Thursday 28 April 06:24am

jen2681 started new topic 18mo settling problems

Help, I am hoping to get some advice from other Mums who might have had a similar problem. My 18mo who has always been a great sleeper, has suddenly developed some settling problems for her day an...

Monday 25 April 06:15am

jen2681 replied to topic Please help! Problems getting toddler to bed.

My 3 1/2 yo has been through various phases of mucking around at bedtime - day or night. The phases always seem to pass though. When she was around 2yo she started getting out of bed alot, and be...

Monday 25 April 06:04am
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