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kel65 started new topic Kambrook Fresh Yoghurt Maker

Does anyone have one? I have one with no instructions, I have been told you just put your ingredients in and turn it on, leave it for 8 hours. I have a sachet of Easiyo yogurt base to use but have...

Friday 12 November 04:52am

kel65 replied to topic Older first time mum!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had my last child a week before I turned 41. I say just relax and enjoy it all, they grow up so quick, listen to other people's advice (you will get plenty of ...

Monday 22 February 12:22am

kel65 replied to topic With Great Sadness

I haven't been on here much in the past few months, but I heard this news and had to pop in to say that I am so sorry to here of the passing of your little boy Luke. I can't imagine the pain of lo...

Friday 22 January 09:39pm

kel65 replied to topic With great pleasure UPDATED

Congratulations Ro!

Wednesday 06 January 01:15pm

kel65 replied to topic Ex Husbands

When I was with them because if I didn't think that about them then I would still be there.

Sunday 20 December 08:11pm

kel65 replied to topic prams in acer arena wiggles

I went to Wiggles in Perth and all the prams are left outside with tickets on them, you will probably have to carry bub in. Same when we went to fairies at a different venue.

Sunday 20 December 08:01pm

kel65 replied to topic The horrors.....

The heat!

Sunday 20 December 07:34pm

kel65 replied to topic Scotch fillet

Brown it on each side, then dab dry with a paper towel, spread a tablespoon of your favourite chutney on it (I like fruit chutney), wrap it in ready rolled puff pastry and put it in the oven for 20...

Wednesday 09 December 04:56pm

kel65 replied to topic Any 35+ mums with young children?

I'm 44 and have a 3 1/2 yr old dd. I also have two older children aged 18 & 20. I'm in Mandurah.

Friday 27 November 11:52pm

kel65 replied to topic How much trouble

I say he is the one in trouble for leaving it there!

Tuesday 10 November 03:25pm

kel65 replied to topic Why

My 3yo was being very quiet a few weeks ago, when I went to check on her she was sitting on the lounge with a tub of margarine, she had smothered her arms and legs and was eating it out of the tub....

Sunday 08 November 08:06pm

kel65 replied to topic What's everyone up to tonight?

Well I'm all on my own tonight, just relaxing and playing games on here as I'm getting over the flu. I've just made myself chicken canelloni for tea and its in the oven, might put a movie on a bit...

Sunday 08 November 08:01pm

kel65 replied to topic HONEST opinions please

I just saw her picture and I think she is absolutely gorgeous, if I had seen her pic without actually looking to see if her ears where sticking out I wouldn't have even noticed. She looks fine to ...

Friday 23 October 10:04am

kel65 replied to topic Congratulation *Mele*

Congratulations Mel!

Friday 23 October 09:31am

kel65 replied to topic EBAY bidders are nuts!!!!

Woohoo! Lucky you! I saw a pair of pumpkin patch jeans BNWT sell for about $10 more than retail a couple of days ago. I think maybe its a case of the person wanting that particular item and not b...

Monday 05 October 09:50am

kel65 replied to topic brolly sheets?

Wow what a fantastic idea! So glad I popped into Huggies today and saw this. My dd is nearly 3 1/2 and still in a nappy for bed, she doesn't have one if she has a daytime sleep and now and then w...

Sunday 04 October 02:25pm

kel65 replied to topic toyroom flooring...

I'd go for lino for easy care. Otherwise if it's prone to flooding how about just a big carpet square on the concrete then you can roll it up and take it out during flood time? could do the same ...

Sunday 30 August 12:41pm

kel65 replied to topic Layla's cake

Wow, that's gorgeous Denae, great job! Catie I made a train cake for Coen when he was little, it took hours and I think I was the only one that ate any! All the kids wanted to do was run around a...

Sunday 30 August 12:28pm

kel65 replied to topic Does anyone know where to find a brain teaser puzzle?

Try a game shop they have heaps of things in those places, should be able to find something like that.

Saturday 22 August 02:15pm

kel65 replied to topic OMFG!! PERTH GIRLS!!

Geez there's some pretty nasty comments on here, wow! I never had a problem going to Midland Gate on a Thursday night and quite often go to the Mandurah Forum on a Thursday night and the Rockingham...

Friday 14 August 04:55pm
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