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Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic Should he be talking more?

My boys are 18 months and only really say 3-5 words

Monday 08 May 07:35pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic sore neck

are you breastfeeding??????????? i got very sore neck and back with my first with my holding position will feeding or do you think its from the block

Monday 08 May 07:21pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic is this normal?

Not really sure, if anything formula normally is a bit firmer on their poos. Is she well otherwise no other probs, and also make sure the formula is mixed correctly, which I guess it would be. She...

Monday 08 May 07:15pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic Help..

The tightenings you are having if acompanied by pain could be just braxton hicks or the onset of labour, I would be calling your doc and just letting them know especially at this stage in your preg...

Thursday 04 May 10:06am
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic How soon do you show in multiple pregnancies? Possible twins?

Hi There, firstly if you do happen to be pregnant with twins, in my experience, it is the absolute best thing, I would have 4 at once if I had the chance. I too showed very early I had to tell peo...

Thursday 04 May 10:01am
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic me and my man were wondering.....

i think there is a das section on here I think it is in the newborn section, newbornss and dads

Thursday 27 April 06:42pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic drop night feed?

our boys dropped theres around 6 months. I would wake and feed them if they were really screaming but just gradually tried to comfort them or just give a touch of milk then after a few nights I th...

Thursday 27 April 05:57pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic expressing and nipple confusion

Hi, I can understand your situation, its always hard to know if they are going to take better to the bottle or not. Some babies even refuse it. Depends if you want dad to do a whole feed or not. Yo...

Wednesday 26 April 06:17pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic breast feeding

I can understand how you feel. It took me 3 months to get it right with my first daughter after a lot of cracked nipples etc. and a lot of pain. I was always worried if she was getting enough etc e...

Sunday 16 April 06:49pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic travelling with 9 month old

Are you travelling here or overseas, Also have you checked with your hotels as to wether they do have microwaves or not. We have been on 3 hols since the boys were born and also a lot of hols whe...

Sunday 29 January 08:14pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic baby bjorn sling

Yes aparently the newer one was recalled. There was apost on her a little while ago about a girl who had gone shopping and her baby slipped. I have and do use them but I always seem to hold onto b...

Saturday 28 January 09:13pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic Multipul births

I left a message on your other post

Saturday 28 January 06:22am
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic POSSIBILITY OF HIDDEN TWIN

I have also heard that they can be laying very close so hard to detect. So you have only had the one ultrasound so far????? At least this next ultrasound will be able to let you know either way as...

Saturday 28 January 06:09am
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic what foods should i avoid whilst breastfeeding

aparently, things like chocolate, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, onion garlic, but also people say if you are used to these things and had them while pregnant then thats okay. Just make a note of wh...

Wednesday 25 January 08:37pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic Is Milk Flow any different after an elective c-section vs labour?

I have had two c-sections and had no probs either time. Although first time had attachment issues but milk was there. Second time my boys were in hos for 6 weeks and tube fed so I didnt actually fe...

Wednesday 25 January 08:33pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 started new topic To All expectant Mothers

Just wanted to say, congratulations to all mums too be. I hope you all experience a beautiful, healthy happy birth, being Vaginal birth, c-Section or emergency c-section. Mums and bubs health are t...

Thursday 19 January 12:19pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic Help!! Trouble Finding an Obstetrican

What hospital are you going to, have you tried asking them who to reccomend or who delivers from that hospital.

Tuesday 17 January 09:08am
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic are cabbage leaves really good for boobs???

Have never used the leaves but nurses swear by them. As for express in shower yes that should relieve it, you should also try to massage them a little and just express a little each feed. If you ar...

Monday 16 January 08:42pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic Breastfeeding till???

I fed till roughly 11 months. First time round we both sort of stopped over a couple of months, second time I fed twins and my supply was dropping and they needed more

Monday 16 January 08:38pm
Twins +1

Twins +1 replied to topic tilting the cot does it really help with teething??

I have heard of it and done it for reflux but havent heard of it for teething sorry. Have you tried a gel on her teeth.

Monday 16 January 08:37pm
Twins +1
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