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ak replied to topic 2yr old not sleeping

Gees this sounds like my house. I am so glad that there is other poeple out there that has the same situation. Riight down to waking up at 5.30 and not going back to sleep, the exact same stuff i...

Friday 10 August 10:43am

ak started new topic Anybody with an 11 month old that won't sleep

Hi everyone, I just need to talk to other mothers who have the same problem as me. I don't kbnow how we come to this point were my daughter won't sleep but I must say it is driving me MAD!. She ...

Thursday 25 May 11:29am

ak replied to topic sleep clinics

Hi natalie, I live on the gold caost too. were abouts due you live cause I know that they hold sleep clinics at the southport baby health centre. I looked into doing something like that to cause ...

Tuesday 21 February 10:31am

ak replied to topic Survey: Please complete if your bub was sleeping thru by 3 months of age!

Child's first name: Aneika Boy or girl?: Girl Age when started to sleep through: 6 weeks Was this child your first child?: yes At the time of starting to sleep through: Was your child breastfed ...

Sunday 19 February 04:14pm

ak replied to topic Recipes

Hi Jana, Have you tried the Robyn Barker cook for for babies and toddlers there are heaps of differnet recipes in that book that are really good I use it all the time when preparing food for my 8 ...

Sunday 19 February 04:06pm

ak replied to topic Recipe of the Month- March 2006

Hi Everyone, My 8 month old daughters favourite at the moment is homemade jelly with fruit. Cut up any soft fruit such as tin pineapple,peaches kiwi fruit etc and spread evenly into 2 small jelly...

Saturday 18 February 05:05pm

ak replied to topic Baby Einstein Products

Hi Kazi, My mum bought the baby einstein DVD's for Xmas and my daughter loves them and I have to admit the music is pretty soothing but as for the visual aspect is it definately for the babies. Sh...

Tuesday 14 February 10:11am

ak replied to topic H#inz Egg Custard

Hi Kazi, i have given my 8 month old egg custard just recently and she had no problems with it.

Sunday 12 February 02:24pm

ak replied to topic Always eating canned food is it good?

Hi Ellas mum, Although I think home made stuff is the best they wouldn't have the tin stuff on the shelf if it wasn't any good. Have you tried making your own stuff and pureeing it like the tin f...

Tuesday 31 January 11:55am

ak started new topic Eggs

Hi I was wondering if anyone can give me a and idea of when I can start my 7 month old on eggs. I have read somewhere that you start them on the yolks first then the whites but what is a good age ...

Tuesday 31 January 11:43am

ak replied to topic sleeping

HI Shani, Does your little one have a dummy, if so maybe that is the problem, he wakes up becasue he looses it - if this is the case maybe try throwing the dummy away if he doesn't have one maybe ...

Tuesday 31 January 08:55am

ak replied to topic Breakfast - what do you think?

HI Kazi, I too was wondering about breakfast and varying what I gave my 7 month old daughter. I was giving her the Muesli in the packet which is a heinz brand until yesterday when I gave her weet...

Thursday 19 January 01:47pm

ak replied to topic When to start swimming?

Hi, Being a swimming teacher I cannot stress how important it is to get them started as early as possible. My daughter who is 7 months old has been on the pool since 3 months (it was to cold to ge...

Saturday 14 January 01:08pm

ak replied to topic Your Dental Care Tips

Hi to all, I spoke to my dentist about this as my daughter got her first 2 teeth at 6 months he advised that as soon as her teeth appeared to use a baby tooth brush to allow her to get used to the ...

Friday 13 January 10:58am

ak started new topic Sleeping during the day

Hi, I have a few questions My daughter is nearly 7 months she sleeps great at night, i give her dinner at 5 to 5.30 then a bottle at about 7.30-8pm then she goes to sleep in her cot. Firstly is it...

Saturday 07 January 02:07pm

ak replied to topic Swimming

Hi, My friends 18month son was swimming with the little swimmers and he did a poo and their were no leaks. I am also a swimming teacher and all the babies that come to the swim school wera these ...

Saturday 07 January 01:48pm

ak replied to topic Bread and milk

HI I give my daughter the crusts of toast with a bit of vegemite to chew on she is 6 months old and she loves it, admitingly a lot gets sqashed in her fingers but she gets a little bit in her mouth...

Wednesday 04 January 12:05pm

ak replied to topic When did the reccommendations change?

I was told by my community nurse not start my daughter on solids until 6 months because at 6 months the risk of allergies is less and that at 6 months the nutrients in milk can no longer meet a bab...

Wednesday 04 January 12:01pm

ak replied to topic Panadol Arguments !

I started using panadol for colds but upon investingating at the chemist and talking to the pharmisists I found that dimetap or chemist brand cold and flu reliefs helps. My daughter is 6 1/2 month...

Wednesday 04 January 11:35am
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