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Nicole77 replied to topic Sophie Mays birth story!

HOLY HELL!!!!! Well done!!!! Man thats a story for her 21st~~~glad to hear you are all well!!!!!!

Tuesday 22 December 12:11pm

Nicole77 replied to topic signs of impending labor?

On the day my labour started, I REALLY needed to go for a walk LOL And I really wanted a bath. I hadnt had a bath for at least 3 months cause I was worried I wouldnt be able to get out LOL But on...

Saturday 19 September 09:28am

Nicole77 replied to topic Melbourne Hospitals

I had my first at the Mercy in Heidelberg, I would def reccomend going there. Im heading there to have my second in Jan. All my experiences were great, but everyone has their stories. I did Midwi...

Thursday 17 September 10:22am

Nicole77 replied to topic im still unsure

Hi I had my first 18 months ago and now expecting the second in Jan. My advice is to go in with no plans or preconceptions, just let nature take its course. You wont know whats going to happen till...

Wednesday 19 August 10:06am

Nicole77 replied to topic Scared of Labour

HI!!! Its so easy for all of us to say relax!!!HAHA There is nothing left to do now except ride it out!!! Enjoy it!!!! In the end it goes so fast, and its such a small moment once the baby is here...

Tuesday 11 August 11:01am

Nicole77 replied to topic Music/CDs while in labour

Hi I spent a few days setting up my ipod for the birthing suite!!! I didnt have any type of relaxation music, it was just a mix of my fave songs, so everything from Stevie Wonder to Hoodoo Gurus!!...

Wednesday 05 August 09:32am

Nicole77 replied to topic Labour/ Hospital bag.

Black, big undies a must!!!! Heaps of pads...not fun trying to explain to hubby which ones he needs to buy!!! Lip Gloss!!!! Flannel for whilst in labour, put wet and cold over your eyes and helps r...

Wednesday 05 August 09:25am

Nicole77 replied to topic Mercy Hospital Melbourne

hi I was a public patient with my first and am heading back there in Jan for the second!!! I loved my entire experience with the Mercy. So if the public way of handling patients is anything to go ...

Wednesday 05 August 09:20am

Nicole77 replied to topic only 2 teeth

Same issue...only 2..and no sign of any others!!!!! I've been told thats its better if your bubs gets their teeth later, they will have healthier teeth cause they have stronger enamel!!!

Tuesday 27 January 04:43pm

Nicole77 replied to topic Why is he waking at 5.30am!

I have a 10 month old with the same issue. Also 3 other mums from my mums group with same issue. I put it down to daylight savings...the sun is coming up and the birds are making noises!!! We haven...

Monday 15 December 06:58am

Nicole77 replied to topic Wind pains, HELP!

I have a 7 week old, exclusively breastfeeding too. Mine poos after every feed and struggles with getting it out. I went to the doctor about it, and I'm told its colic!! Told to give colic relief. ...

Wednesday 02 April 07:26am

Nicole77 replied to topic Mucus Plug

I was a week overdue and on the sunday night I started getting pains, Rang the hospital as it was my first and had no idea what was going on!!! Midwives told me I was starting to have contractions ...

Sunday 16 March 07:23am

Nicole77 replied to topic Not sleeping much during day

Thats what my 4 week old does...better than the opposite!!!

Saturday 15 March 12:57pm

Nicole77 replied to topic Drug free birth

I just had my first 4 weeks ago...and I kinda wanted not to have any drugs as well. But I was also openminded that I might need too!! I was suprised that I actually asked for pain relief, but thats...

Thursday 13 March 06:37am

Nicole77 replied to topic natural remedies for wind?

I've been drinking chamomile tea..seems to ease it a little!!!

Tuesday 11 March 05:28am

Nicole77 replied to topic Need some help and advice

Hi I was a first time mum, 1 month ago!!! I was scared of the unknown, but its too late to back out!!!! I was a week overdue, and thought it would never happen. We were going to talk about inducing...

Monday 10 March 07:57am

Nicole77 replied to topic LOTS OF WIND PAIN

I am in the same sitiuation with my 3 week old. I've stopped using Brauer Colic Relief, cause I think she was getting diarrea(unsure spelling!!!). I have started drinking Chamoile tea, and just try...

Sunday 09 March 08:00am

Nicole77 replied to topic to all breastfeeding mums who have babies with colic

Thats cool..but where are you getting the nutrition from dairy products?? I have milk everyday thinking its important, eg the calcium.

Friday 07 March 02:57pm

Nicole77 replied to topic lochia it seems to be normal...I too am over wearing pads...and its becoming an expensive pain in the butt!!! Yeah i seem to bleed if I go for a walk!!! Can't win..try to calm a baby down and lo...

Friday 07 March 02:55pm

Nicole77 started new topic lochia

Sorry but this is a horrible topic!!! How long did everyone bleed for after birth? Its been 3 weeks now and I just stopped wearing pads 2 days ago, but today I started bleeding again. Not heavy but...

Thursday 06 March 12:33pm
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