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mellymarc started new topic melbourne meet up

hi i was just wondering if any mums with babys want to get out of the house and meet up well im 23 and i have a son who is 2 and a half months and all my friends dont have babys so i would like to ...

Saturday 15 September 08:23am

mellymarc started new topic when should babys be moved out of perants room

hi my name is melly and my son is ten weeks old i just want to no whan other mothers are moving there child into there own room

Thursday 13 September 04:25am

mellymarc started new topic baby born july

3.7.07 time 3.08am baby boy marc weight 2905 6lb 6oz length45.5 we want to meet some new mothers and babys in melbourne [Edited on 12/09/2007]

Wednesday 12 September 07:24am
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