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rrmh+1 replied to topic Geelong - Auslan for bubs to preschoolers

Hi Donna - sorry I had forgotton all about the post I'd left about Auslan as it had no interest... Unfortunately I wasn't able to get together enough people I have another bubs due in july so I mi...

Monday 30 January 12:10am

rrmh+1 started new topic Geelong Hospital Experiences

Hi - just after a few experiences from the Geelong Hospital. My DD was born their and it was an awful experience - I have been trying to be positive about this one so far telling myself that I will...

Saturday 14 January 08:55pm

rrmh+1 replied to topic Dutch Baby Name - does it sound weird in English?

Considering it's a dutch name - I really like it I would pronounce it Mee-ki or Mee-kay. I wouldn't stress too much about that though as it's not completely weird and once people heard how you wa...

Saturday 14 January 08:46pm

rrmh+1 replied to topic Gaps between babies

My DD is 18 months and DP and I both feel at this stage that we probably won't have a second child. We have talked about it though and IF we do have another, it won't be until DD is 4 or 5. I feel...

Thursday 15 December 11:32am

rrmh+1 started new topic Setting off store alarms

I just stumbled accross a forum somewhere else where someone was asking why they always set off store alarms - which reminded me of my pregnancy - so I'm just wondering whether this happened to any...

Thursday 27 October 02:40am

rrmh+1 replied to topic Why would my mum do this?

Sorry, i dont get it. Whats the issue? Your mum asked someone else to go on the holiday. Do you not like this person? And if your mum is paying for her share or all of it then she has a right to d...

Sunday 18 September 04:43pm

rrmh+1 replied to topic Why would my mum do this?

Thanks everyone - the thing I'm struggling with - and why I'm so confused with my feelings - is that my issue isn't really that my cousin is coming - it's that mum just did it without any thought.....

Sunday 18 September 04:28pm

rrmh+1 started new topic Why would my mum do this?

Just need some peoples thoughts ... On one hand feeling like I'm a horrible person but on the other just can not understand why my mum would do this - has anyone else had a similar situation? So - ...

Saturday 17 September 11:09pm

rrmh+1 started new topic cold sores

Hi - does anyone know what treatments are ok for kids to use for cold sores? Does anyone know if the compeed patches are ok? thanks!!

Tuesday 30 August 06:22pm

rrmh+1 started new topic I just need to vent.....

Sorry everyone I just need to throw a vent out into the annoying world... argh - why does it seem like sometimes everything is against you?? I've been without my asthma preventer for a few weeks be...

Saturday 27 August 02:23am

rrmh+1 replied to topic How do you feel about being monitored?

Personally - I don't think this is the answer. While I wouldn't mind it if it was a great solution - I think this has many many flaws!!! I don't think it will pick up on a lot of kids who are abus...

Saturday 27 August 02:16am

rrmh+1 started new topic Geelong - Auslan for bubs to preschoolers

Hi Geelong mummies and daddies. I'm trying to put together a group to learn sign language for up to 5 year olds. You can find all the info in this link:

Sunday 20 March 11:31pm

rrmh+1 replied to topic Ever have those days?

I was having such a bad day this morning - everything going wrong - trying to get organised and clean up for someone coming at 10 - ants tipped me over the edge and I kicked a hole in the door.......

Thursday 12 August 12:50am

rrmh+1 replied to topic your toddler's age and vocab list

Firstly - great topic! Love it - you haven't set it up to be negative at all - so to all those negative posts, come on..... just be positive. I won't bother going through the words DD can say - to...

Friday 12 March 02:16am

rrmh+1 replied to topic How can I get my motivation back?

Support - that IS something that you need (PND or not!!) Can you try to discuss it with your hubby - or maybe he could chat to your GP about it? Because I bet your recovery would be quicker if you...

Friday 12 February 06:50am

rrmh+1 replied to topic Need opinions on how to.....

Hi buzybaby, you posted a while ago so I'm guessing you probably have this sorted by now - how have things gone? I just wanted to say - don't get too worried about offending people, you just can't ...

Wednesday 10 February 12:35pm

rrmh+1 started new topic texta on bricks

anyone got any ideas on how to remove texta from the bricks on our house? Yep - DD decided that it needed a bit of colour.... it was a whiteboard marker - black - and I've tried scrubbing with a br...

Tuesday 09 February 03:55pm

rrmh+1 replied to topic i need some advice

my daughter is nearly 2 and I have been getting tired of the grunts so I just kept saying to her every time she grunted to say please and to say help or drink (etc) - and kept showing her the sign ...

Tuesday 09 February 03:52pm

rrmh+1 replied to topic The Dad Phase...

ha - just came on coz I was feeling unloved... feel better now! I guess I'm not the only one and shouldn't take it personally. DD has been all over Daddy - and pushes me away whenever I come near....

Sunday 17 January 10:12am

rrmh+1 replied to topic When is a baby a toddler?

Posted by: 2_busy_rugrats My DD's are 2 and i still call them my babies.. LOL.. I would say about a year old? hehe - i think I'll still be calling DD my baby when she's 20

Friday 27 November 02:42pm
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