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kyles-01 replied to topic Who should I contact?

This makes me so damn angry. Could you call the police and get them to come out when you next see the dealer there? That way they may catch them all in possesion of illegal substance?! Otherwise,...

Tuesday 28 September 09:50pm

kyles-01 replied to topic How many weeks was everyone..

With DD - we found out at our 20weeks scan. WIth DS though we had the CVS test as he came back high risk for downs syndrome. Because they check all of the chromosones as part of this test, they w...

Tuesday 28 September 07:41pm

kyles-01 replied to topic What's the longest you've ever waited

DD is still on the waiting list to see an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. We have been waiting 2.5 years Totally rediculous if you ask me. Thankfully, she doesnt require them now I have recieve...

Saturday 08 May 12:15am

kyles-01 replied to topic Howlong after you had your show...

For me it was about 15hours. You cant be too far off! Hope things start (and end!!) for you very soon. Goodluck

Sunday 18 April 04:55am

kyles-01 replied to topic Irregular contractions

My suggestion... SEX! I had irregular contractions for 3 days leading up to my labour day. S&S didnt start anything so in the end, I'd had enough - I got DF to race home for a bit of 'doona danci...

Thursday 15 April 04:55am

kyles-01 started new topic Does your Childcare centre

As the title says, does your childcare centre charge you full price for public holidays WITHOUT offering a 'makeup' day? Our centre used to offer these makeup days - that is you could send your ch...

Thursday 01 April 01:26am

kyles-01 replied to topic Am i the only one?

As the other ladies have said, you are definatley not alone! I too am on medication for PND - and have been for about 3.5years now (yikes). I wonder if this is a contributing factor to my concern...

Thursday 01 April 01:22am

kyles-01 replied to topic labour the 2nd/3rd time around or 4th 5th 6th lol

DD - 16hours (induced @ 8 days overdue). Epidural and pethadine shot DS - 4hours No drugs DS birth was amazing, so quick, pain very bearable up until about 45minutes before i delivered! Loved it!

Sunday 28 March 10:15pm

kyles-01 started new topic Whats your favourite....

I have just started back at work part-time, so we are very fortunate to now have some extra $$$ coming in each week. Its been soooo long since we've had a holiday, so would love to start putting mo...

Friday 26 March 02:08am

kyles-01 replied to topic Raspberry Leaf Tea

I used Rasberry Leaf tablets from about 30 weeks with DS (second baby), and evening primrose (vaginally) from about 36weeks. My second labour was AMAZING compared to my first. First labour I had t...

Friday 26 March 01:40am

kyles-01 started new topic Slow cooker, frozen meat

Sorry ladies, I know this has been done a few times already. Simple question - can i put a frozen portion of lamb straight in the slow cooker, or does it have to be defrosted first. Also, how lon...

Friday 19 February 07:02am

kyles-01 replied to topic Show us your bellys!!!!

[quote][b]Posted by:[/b] what-do-u-think kyles heres your links [url][/ url] [url][/u rl] [/quote] Thanks lovely!

Friday 29 January 06:20pm

kyles-01 replied to topic Show us your bellys!!!!

First time posting a link, so hope Ive done it right ??? DD - 8lb 12.5oz. Born at 41+1 (Pc taken at 40weeks 5days) DS - 8lb 3oz. Born at 40+1 ( Pic taken 1 wee...

Friday 29 January 05:58pm

kyles-01 replied to topic just a quick update if anyone is interested

Wishing you all the best. As much as we all love hearing news of a new bubby, heres hoping yours stay put for at least another few weeks. Please keep us updated. I'll be thinking of you.

Friday 29 January 01:27pm

kyles-01 replied to topic School comparison website

Thanks ladies Just checked it out and I think its great. I certainly wont be sending DD to one of the schools we were considering now that I can see their averages!!! Great info to know i think ...

Friday 29 January 11:13am

kyles-01 started new topic School comparison website

Theres been talk recently of a new website that the government is putting together comparing schools (results etc). Any idea if its up and running yet, and if so what the websites address is?

Friday 29 January 10:38am

kyles-01 replied to topic After you had your babies...

Wow - I just signed in to ask this exact same question!! DS is almost 5months, and mine is everywhere... bed, floors, shower walls, his fingers, bathroom sinks etc. Ive been combing conditioner t...

Wednesday 27 January 09:13am

kyles-01 replied to topic With Great Sadness

OMG Jess - my heart breaks for you and your family. I am absolutely devistated for you, but I also feel so angry. Why is it that life can be so unfair to such wonderful, loving families? Why is it...

Sunday 24 January 12:15pm

kyles-01 replied to topic COME! Lets make a list of our kiddies names!

Austin X 1 Brayden Victoria Matilda Aiden Evony Lilly x 2 Izaak Kyan Gracie Jasmine mahalia jemma-lee dylan emily x 3 (but Emilie) Zachary Kallan Nicolas Eliza Amelia Yasmin Kendra Tia Isobel Noah ...

Tuesday 19 January 08:28am

kyles-01 replied to topic TMI but was wondering

I had a similar experience after having DS. Had a haemorhage aount 2 weeks postpartum. I was taken by ambulance to hospital. Was checked over and the bleeding stopped within 30mins (but was like a...

Sunday 17 January 02:58pm
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