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BroJae replied to topic Due November 2011

id like to join the fb page also went for an u/s yesterday, my dates have changed again, although they are going off the original dating scan as its more accurate? its been 3 weeks since my last ...

Saturday 07 May 07:58pm

BroJae replied to topic Due November 2011

Hi november mums been a bit since i last posted, ms is still quite bad a few things have happened, had severe cramping last weekend so was rushed up to the hossy. they thought bub was ectopic, b...

Tuesday 26 April 07:45pm

BroJae replied to topic Earthquake in Mackay!?!?!

im in townsville and we felt it. my first earthquake, was quite strange really, wasnt sure what was going on lol

Sunday 17 April 02:57am

BroJae replied to topic PREGNANCY TICKERS!!!!

how did you do it? i am having trouble getting my pregnancy ticker to show as well, its just showing the code lol

Friday 15 April 04:34am

BroJae replied to topic Due November 2011

Hi, i used to frequent general although havent been on in quite some time lol, so i shall introduce myself! my names Jo, DP and i are 24, and we have DS who is nearly 6! i am currently 6wks UTD (7w...

Tuesday 12 April 05:46am

BroJae started new topic School Interviews

i have a school interview on friday with a catholic college... i was just wondering what sort of questions are asked, and what to expect? DS will be going in to prep next year... another thing to,...

Thursday 20 May 01:13am

BroJae replied to topic Different Phrases Used For?


Wednesday 12 May 10:11pm

BroJae started new topic for those who are friends with xxReexx

Ree has asked me to pass along a message to everyone that she wont be on huggies for a while for personal reasons and that she is wanting to concentrate more on her family. She has asked that I tha...

Tuesday 11 May 12:57am

BroJae replied to topic Screw you disney!

apparently its a marketing strategy... well its obvious anyways lol but i was having a b itch to my uncle before whose quite smart about everything lol, and apparently all big companies do it, they...

Sunday 25 April 08:51am

BroJae started new topic Screw you disney!

i want the lion king NOW not in 5 years time!!! oh well, this gives me an excuse now to go on a shopping spree on ebay YAY!!! but seriously, it sucks that the classics are only released once every...

Saturday 24 April 09:04pm

BroJae replied to topic How many times has your profile been viewed??

mines 268 lol nothing special if you scroll down a couple more lines it also tells you who your last couple of visitors were

Friday 23 April 08:08pm

BroJae replied to topic how far??

I drive LONG distances quite often and a short trip can actually mean anywhere up to or over a day away (constant driving). Friends of mine consider 10 minutes down the road as an epic journey. My...

Thursday 15 April 03:41am

BroJae replied to topic I'm starting to get really frustrated...

have you tried using mozilla firefox? ive had to many problems with internet explorer, and ive never had any with firefox!

Thursday 01 April 02:01am

BroJae replied to topic Weight Loss

pm sent i have 40-45 kilos to lose, i would love to use baby weight as my excuse lol but thats a lie, DS is nearly 5 lol ive just been so lazy the past few years... oh well not for any longer!

Wednesday 31 March 12:18am

BroJae replied to topic What do I do next?

even $500 for a small 2 bed house seems excessive to me! im in a standard 3 bed house, and use an excessive amount of electricity and my bill is only about $300 per quarter!!! im not sure if its di...

Wednesday 24 March 10:46pm

BroJae replied to topic Root Canal Treatment

i am actually in the middle of the process now, feel free to ask away

Friday 19 March 03:15am

BroJae replied to topic Well things could get interesting by the weekend

im also in Townsville, id recommend heading out today to the shops... i did the weekly shop this morning not knowing we are on watch, and people are already going a bit silly with stock... so dont ...

Thursday 18 March 11:42pm

BroJae replied to topic QUICK HELP NEEDED!!!

oh awesome thanks for that!

Wednesday 17 March 08:35am

BroJae started new topic QUICK HELP NEEDED!!!

i havent tried anything yet just incase i make it worse :s was in the workshop today and silly me forgot i had grease on my hand and now i have some of it in my hair... TIA jo

Wednesday 17 March 08:14am

BroJae started new topic GRRR MEN!

ok so i went out to catch up with an old "friend" the other night... ive always really liked him and from what i could tell he liked me to, but due to distance all we could really do was flirt with...

Sunday 14 March 11:56pm
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