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KRo replied to topic CS Scar- pain during pregnancy?

Hi. I am a mother of 2, my first was born emergency ceaser, and my second I had a VBAC. I had no pains around my scar at any time, hadn't even heard about it I had no scares, the doctors or midwif...

Saturday 04 September 06:23am

KRo replied to topic Am I missing something

I had an emergency ceaser with My daughter 2 years ago, and had a VBAC 4 months ago now. I've heard some places in America wont let you have a VBAC. I think the risks are that your womb could ruptu...

Saturday 22 May 05:31am

KRo started new topic Picking noses

Hi, Just wondering if anyones elses 2 yo has poked things up their nose? It is a relatively new phase my daughter is going through. She pokes sultanas and any other crumbs she can find up there. Im...

Saturday 22 May 04:15am

KRo replied to topic my daughter has an obession with sticking things in her nose

Hi. I notice this post is really old, but my 2yo daughter is going through the same phase, sticking things up her nose. Did you do anything to stop her? It's so not nice! biggest thing so far has b...

Saturday 22 May 04:04am
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