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Rensie started new topic Help - starting to worry!

My little girl is nearly 13 months and we are struggling to get her to eat much and I am really starting to worry. The most she eats all day is breakfast and she will have 1 and a half weetbix and...

Thursday 16 April 10:44am

Rensie started new topic Scan

Afternoon ladies Had our scan yesterday and everything is well with bubs. It was laying down on it's stomach and no matter how much the sonographer(sp?)pushed my stomach it wasn't going to move. We...

Wednesday 31 October 03:55pm

Rensie started new topic Frozen meals

I am hoping to finish work 4 weeks before bubs comes along and during that time I would like to make up a few frozen meals so when I get home from hospital I can pull them out and heat up. I have t...

Thursday 18 October 05:45am
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