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nshapcott replied to topic Hip pain in Mum

Hi, I had bad hip pain the last 2 months of my pregnancy due to a 4.2kg baby boy sitting on it. I had a C-Section and it did take about a week or so before I could even walk around with him due to...

Friday 14 December 06:39am

nshapcott replied to topic How to get my baby drinking water???

my boy was exactly the same. He is 7 mnths now and he is slowly getting use to it. I tried the Vegemite, didn't work, and putting some of his formula in water, just so he would think its milk, di...

Friday 16 November 01:39pm

nshapcott replied to topic teething??

Hi jasib my boy is 7 mths and he has 2 bottom teeth coming through and is doing everthing you have mentioned. He also tugs on his ears really hard. The feeding is a struggle but we slowly get thr...

Friday 16 November 10:45am

nshapcott started new topic My 6 month old wont settle for his daytime nap

Hi everyone, my son is 6 months old, he sleeps through the night from 7.30 till 6am with no worries, but finds it very hard to settle for his daytime naps. Just recently he becomes very upset whe...

Tuesday 09 October 10:49am

nshapcott replied to topic my baby has eczema

Hi, my boy gets a rash on his face and chest. I can't use any fragrant soaps and he can only where cotton clothing as anything with nylon or wool makes his rash worse. I use Cetaphil cream everyni...

Monday 08 October 08:37am
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