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matisse replied to topic snacks for 8mth old

Hi Lisa107 Where do you get the "baby mum mum" brand rice biscuits from? I would lke to try them for my 9 month old daughter Alexandra. Hi sjcarter What about avacado? I mash up some avacado a...

Tuesday 11 May 04:31am

matisse replied to topic Expecting Baby #2 plus have already young baby!

Hi I have 2 girls under 2 - Jazmin and Alexandra .My girls are 17 months apart aswell. I was actually surprised as to how it all worked out I am not saying it was a "walk in the park" but somehow...

Wednesday 05 May 04:53am

matisse replied to topic Tiger's Milk

Hi Amber I have a 4 month old daughter and her name is Jazmin. My milk is drying up a little and I come across your recipe to help produce more milk. How long till the cookies take effect for my m...

Monday 26 May 11:19am

matisse replied to topic feb 2008 babies

Hi Ladies I had a beautiful baby girl who was born on 2nd February 2008. Her name is Jazmin and she is 6 weeks old and she is 8pounds2. She is my first child and loving every minute being a mum.I ...

Tuesday 18 March 05:32pm
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