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Jakes mum

Jakes mum replied to topic Single Mum

Hi all , My partner left me a week before my 5 mnth old was born as he did not want the commitment of a baby. Since then he has been asking to take my boy away for time to themselves. I have bee...

Monday 07 February 05:29am
Jakes mum

Jakes mum replied to topic Teenaged mother, not incompetant mother...

Hi I am 18 with a 5 month old. I know what your all going through. Being a teenage mother was not what I planned but I would never give my boy up for anything. I have found that from the day my bo...

Monday 07 February 05:16am
Jakes mum

Jakes mum replied to topic Starting Day Care Jitters HELP!!!

Hi I am an early childhood teacher and my 5mnth old comes to work with me every day. Even though he is in the same building with me , I still have trouble letting him go to his carer in the mornin...

Monday 07 February 04:32am
Jakes mum

Jakes mum replied to topic Reflux worries

Hi all My 5 month old has had reflux since he was born. Finally after 4 months of waiting , we have finally been to see a specialist. He has been put on Renitidine and it seems to be making a big ...

Monday 07 February 04:24am
Jakes mum
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