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toms-mum replied to topic C-Section & Doctors Advice

It's called fear of liability, and wanting to control, in my humble opinion. Plenty of women go on to have VB's after c-secs, and I think the best way to go about thinking of your next pregnancy is...

Saturday 20 October 05:16pm

toms-mum replied to topic sunscreen and insect repellent

get some sunscreen from the Health Food shop - or better still - dont use any - and get some long sleeve cotton tops and trousers (bonds?) and a big hat? I use a bottle of GAIA skin naturals massag...

Saturday 20 October 04:56pm

toms-mum replied to topic my baby has eczema

I would go back to basics - and I mean real basics. With food - with what you wash with - everything. We 'treated' our sons excema in this way - and it went away after some time. I would be going t...

Saturday 20 October 04:53pm

toms-mum replied to topic Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump vs Medela Swing Breast Pump

I use the Medela mini electric which I bought from the ABA and love it. I havent used the SWING - so cant compare sorry. I would say though that you dont 'need' to follow a certain book about how t...

Saturday 20 October 04:44pm

toms-mum replied to topic What enriches your family life?

Where do we start!! LOL I think the nicest thing is when we all lay in bed at night - and when my husband and I are reading - we often look across at the boys snuggled up between us and never fail ...

Saturday 20 October 04:31pm

toms-mum replied to topic baby sling

I really dont think that you can go past the ERGO. We have two in our family If it's hot - we simply wear a singlet under it, and have the children in a singlet too. They adjust to our body temper...

Saturday 20 October 04:13pm

toms-mum started new topic How does the Papa in your family spend time with the children?

Just wondering how other Papas (dads) spend time with the children to give you back some Mama time - or even bring you all together more as a family to have time out? We like to walk (both babywea...

Saturday 20 October 04:09pm

toms-mum replied to topic Help - I have an early riser!!!!

It sounds like he has his internal alarm set - so without shifting it slowly but perhaps making some time to be with him as he rouses and getting him back to sleep before he fully wakes may help? o...

Saturday 20 October 04:03pm

toms-mum replied to topic Drug free labour anyone??

Sometimes birth and all that goes with it can take turns we dont expect - and then pain relief for whatever reasons are presenting are good options. I would NEVER say that it is brave to go without...

Wednesday 10 October 08:53am

toms-mum replied to topic I'm shocked!!!!!

Sorry Mason's mum. I didnt read it that way. I stand corrected. I guess my concern would only be what information about placental calcification is being given. Some doctors use this as a reason fo...

Wednesday 10 October 08:44am

toms-mum replied to topic I'm shocked!!!!!

It seems odd that the doctor doesnt seem overly interested BUT there is a slight 'maybe he has a point'? Babies are bigger on a whole these days, in most western countries. seems pretty obvious why...

Saturday 06 October 11:18am

toms-mum replied to topic Drug free labour anyone??

my second one was. it was great. used heat packs - water on my back - chanting - shouting - rocking - swaying - walking up and down steps - circling my hips - kneeling in the birth pool/bath - mass...

Friday 05 October 04:55pm

toms-mum replied to topic I'm shocked!!!!!

Scans cannot and will never be acurate. know that for a fact. my scan 24 hours before my son was born told me that i would have a 9lb baby. i had an 11lb baby!! another friend was told to have a c-...

Friday 05 October 04:48pm

toms-mum replied to topic my baby wont stop crying

i would -keep your bub really close in a baby carrier to keep them against your heartbeat and easier for you to hold (we bought an ERGO for our last son and it was the BEST money we spent. we also ...

Friday 05 October 04:36pm

toms-mum replied to topic Losing Babies Trust

I think trust is important. babies cry for a reason dont they? I have used many things - but breastfeeding and having our sons in a cot beside our bed/or in the bed if I fall asleep - has worked ...

Friday 05 October 04:31pm

toms-mum replied to topic sizes of babies

First baby - 9lb 9oz - had all the drugs the doctors and midwives offered because I was backed into a corner, and didnt feel him enter this world. Next baby - 11lb, and the easiest. spent all of la...

Friday 05 October 04:25pm

toms-mum replied to topic melbourne meet up

Where do you live? There are loads of parenting groups/playgroups apart from the ones the MHCN puts you in. Some mums I know joined one of those get fit walk with the pram groups, not to get fit! (...

Friday 05 October 04:22pm

toms-mum replied to topic BREASTFEEDING 21mth old

My youngest son still breastfeeds too (fell pregnant when BF our first son and he fed about halfway into my pregnancy happily until he weaned himself) Nice to see other BF mums of toddlers here. I ...

Friday 05 October 04:17pm

toms-mum replied to topic 2 months 6 teeth HELP

One of my sons got lots of teeth early too and I gave him wet face washers to suck which he loved - homeopathics from a lovely homeopath (chamomilla worked for him - but best to see someone great a...

Friday 05 October 04:10pm

toms-mum replied to topic When to start meat and recipe ideas?

Yep! I have always pureed it for my sons. looked yuck. had a stange consistency - but they enjoyed it mixed with veggies. i'd often give them a large chunk of good steak they could suck on when abo...

Friday 05 October 04:07pm
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