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*kandee* replied to topic Need ideas about what to get a 4 y/o for Christmas

OK, so we are getting our 4 yr old ds a cubby, but as for stocking stuffers and others to unwrap- Playdough colouring books puzzles (he's really big on these at the moment) Lots of books Nerf gun...

Wednesday 01 December 04:35am

*kandee* replied to topic anyone no were i can get dinosaur gear from??

I've seen a few on ebay

Thursday 25 November 05:36am

*kandee* replied to topic 8 weeks premmie

A friend just had her twins at 32 weeks- and they are doing really well. They are small (just under 3 pound each) and will be in special care for the next 4-5 weeks. But otherwise fine

Thursday 04 February 04:23pm

*kandee* replied to topic The facebook thing has been finalised, thanks to all that took part.

Bugger. I was waiting for you to contact me through fb.

Sunday 31 January 03:52pm

*kandee* replied to topic Bad Nappy Rash and Wipes (Homemade)

DD has just gone through the same thing- I had to take her to the doc, and they prescribed Hydrozole cream until it healed. Also- the Doc said- No matter what- DON'T use powder!! Woops- to answer...

Sunday 31 January 03:51pm

*kandee* replied to topic My baby girl is very sick. New update.

Wishing for a speedy recovery for your baby girl xxooxx

Sunday 31 January 09:42am

*kandee* replied to topic Childcare - Educate me please

I live in a small town, so my options were limited! (1 daycare centre lol) I went for a look one afternoon, let ds run around and see what he thought of it. Had a chat to the staff and got good vi...

Sunday 31 January 09:40am

*kandee* replied to topic home sale?

I found the good guys to be the best for price matching, and also the cheapest- if you have one near you that is? Or even try local garage sales- you'd be surprised what you can find?

Monday 25 January 05:46pm

*kandee* replied to topic With Great Sadness

Thinking of you and your family at this tragic time Jess, I am speechless xx

Friday 22 January 07:45pm

*kandee* replied to topic Astyn for girl?

I don't like it, sorry. And Azza is just way too bogan!!

Friday 22 January 11:29am

*kandee* replied to topic Milk Jelly

I think you mean junket?? Ewwww...

Sunday 17 January 04:04pm

*kandee* replied to topic contraception- withdrawal method

This is exactly how I got pregnant the first time! I had just gone off a pill that made me a psycho and we thought we'd be right for a week until I saw my doctor to get a new pill- apparently not!!!

Tuesday 12 January 01:51pm

*kandee* replied to topic Does anyone elses

But how does that support Breast cancer?? Seems pointless to me? And how come everyone else knows about it except me?? lol

Friday 08 January 07:53pm

*kandee* started new topic Does anyone elses

Facebook friends have colours as their status?? I have no idea what's going on!! And no one will tell me!!

Friday 08 January 07:50pm

*kandee* replied to topic Drinks in bottles

DD has had to have hydralyte a couple of times when she was extremely sick. The nurses in the emergency room also gave her apple juice (she was only 11 months) just to try get her hydrated. So whi...

Thursday 07 January 03:53pm

*kandee* started new topic Religion and kids?

If you aren't religious at all- what do you tell your kids if someone passes? Also- what would your reaction be if someone else told them that the person who has passed has gone to heaven, and thi...

Thursday 07 January 03:49pm

*kandee* replied to topic What would you do-

What a pain in the @ss huh? I wish I'd just let her take it to lifeline to begin with!!

Monday 21 December 09:09pm

*kandee* started new topic home made turkish delight?

I make french jellies and we roll them in a mix of cornflour and icing sugar - it's 1 cup of icing sugar and a quarter cup of cornflour. Hope that helps

Monday 21 December 05:31pm

*kandee* replied to topic Age appropriate answer please...

Excellent answer!! I have been stumped by this one too- I tell him he'll have to ask daddy, then hope that he forgets.. Eep

Monday 21 December 05:21pm

*kandee* started new topic What would you do-

Honestly- If a friend gave you a heap of maternity clothes and baby stuff- swearing black and blue that they weren't having any more kids. You were abit wary of taking it, but did so because they ...

Monday 21 December 05:18pm
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