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becs22 started new topic Heartburn

I vote quick eze, have used them with all 3 pregnancies, heaps during the last as heartburn was terrible

Tuesday 28 August 07:52am

becs22 replied to topic Pram help needed!!!!!

I have a mountain buggy + one, it is working well for us at the moment, I have an almost 20 mth old and a week old baby, in it. Though could also put the 4 year old in it and have bubs in front pa...

Sunday 29 July 09:55am

becs22 replied to topic Too small?? concerned

With my first I was tiny, close to the end of the pregnancy people didn't believe I was as far on as I said, (had a 8pound 2.5oz baby). With my second I got really large (had an 8pd, 12.5oz baby)....

Friday 13 July 04:16am

becs22 replied to topic In shock, pregnant again already!!!

My information re alcohol in the first 4 weeks came from a well respected child development text (they talk about 1st 2 weeks as they classify pregnancy as 38 weeks, not 40, from fertilisation of e...

Tuesday 19 June 09:12am

becs22 replied to topic In shock, pregnant again already!!!

I wouldn't worry to much about the alcohol as the first month it really doesn't affect bubs I have been told. I know the shock your experiencing, DS2 will be 19.5 months when DS3 is born next mont...

Thursday 14 June 12:42pm

becs22 replied to topic 3D Scans Christchurch nz

I have never had a 3d scan at 12 weeks, have had later ones at both St georges and cashmere where they have tried but due to bubs position not been able to get a good enough picture

Thursday 14 June 12:31pm

becs22 replied to topic Umbilical cord concerns - 37 weeks

My second son had the cord so tightly round his neck he couldn't come out, so the cord was clamped and cut before he came out. I am wanting to try a water birth this time (currently almost 36weeks...

Wednesday 13 June 06:34pm

becs22 replied to topic Mods- little disappointed!

This is exactly why I hardly come on here any more, free speech and open discussion is not allowed

Wednesday 13 June 07:32am

becs22 replied to topic Difficult decisions in pregnancy

We had to consider this with our first pregnancy, the scan said he had a 1 in 126 chance of downs (considering my age that was considered a high risk). We went through the amnio, with the decision...

Friday 08 June 09:09am

becs22 replied to topic To day care or not to day care?

I'm not sure how Aus works but in NZ, they have ratios that must be maintained. If children are outside there has to be the right number of teachers to watch over them and teachers need to positio...

Friday 08 June 08:58am

becs22 replied to topic Meh

Just to confuse things more for you, I don't have a lot of faith in the theory the dating scan is the most accurate. With my first I thought I was due based on LMP the 3rd June, first scan I had w...

Wednesday 06 June 07:53pm

becs22 replied to topic Fetal Doppler - can't hear h/beat

I personally would never try and find bub hb myself as it would worry me to much not being able to find it. I know the midwife I had for my last appt (at 31 weeks) really worried me as she firstly...

Monday 28 May 12:11pm

becs22 replied to topic Pregnant and told I have to pay for the flu shot?

I had the jab 3 weeks ago and it was free, I am 33 weeks yesterday, and in Chch, it was free for me and both my boys (my youngest is almost 18 months so has to have it in 2 doses, we go back Thurs ...

Sunday 27 May 07:31am

becs22 replied to topic under active thyroid...

This time I have had some thyroid issue, not sure exact details. Dr's are not worried so I'm not to concerned. They are keeping an eye on it and will check 6 weeks post delivery as apparently pre...

Monday 21 May 02:57am

becs22 replied to topic Boy or girl?

I think as far as girls go, they wont say 100%, with my first I had an amni so knew for sure it was a boy, second we very clearly saw it was a boy and again this time.

Monday 21 May 02:53am

becs22 started new topic What date would you go by?

Doesn't make a lot of difference really,with my first my date was 3 June, scan was 27th May, we went by scan and he was born 26th May. With my second my date was 2nd Dec, scan 14th, I was adament ...

Sunday 20 May 01:53am

becs22 replied to topic Amniocentesis

I had an amnio with my first, when I was 26 years old. Chance of downs was 1 in 126. However, I had the amnio at around 16 weeks (I think, as I was under the impression that was the earliest you ...

Tuesday 15 May 05:24am

becs22 replied to topic 2 girls and wanting a boy? am i mad to try again?

I have an almost 4 year old and a 16 month old and am due middle of July with our third. This one was not planned at the moment, we had thought in a couple of years we might have another. However...

Friday 20 April 11:48pm

becs22 replied to topic Pram for newborn and toddler

I looked at the strider, but both DH and I decided there were aspects of it that for the price were not very good, with wear the seats begin to wobble a little, the shop model we tried out that wa...

Tuesday 17 April 04:40pm

becs22 replied to topic Do I need a doctor???

NT scan for downs should have been done before 13 weeks 6 days as they are not reliable after that stage. In my opinion I would say even at that stage they are not reliable as with my first turned...

Friday 06 April 03:50pm
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