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Belatrax replied to topic Sister in law dramas!!

It happened to me!! At 35weeks my doctor discovered that I was 4.5cm dilated. I walked around like that for 7 weeks, very uncomfortable!! Then when I finally did go into labour 2 weeks after my due...

Thursday 18 October 10:34pm

Belatrax started new topic Help...My Husband want Chaos!!!!

We're expecting our third son in Feb next year and my DH wants to name him 'CHAOS'. I like a name that is a little unusual so when I got to name our first son I chose 'Shaniel Peter', my DH insi...

Thursday 18 October 09:48pm

Belatrax replied to topic Any suggestions for girl names??

A REPLY 16/10/07Even though I have 3 beautiful boys I've always wanted a little girl and I would of loved to of named her "Sharmony". I was just thinking how nice "Sharmony Siobharn" went together....

Thursday 18 October 08:14pm

Belatrax replied to topic middle name for zara

I have a niece called 'Zahlia' which sounds similar to 'Zara' and my sister chose 'Roze' for the middle name. I think 'Zara Roze' is a lovely name and it look a little exotic with the two Z's.

Thursday 18 October 08:01pm

Belatrax replied to topic girls name

If we had had a daughter my DH wanted to call her lealou (or leelu). He's liked the name ever since he watched the movie "Fifth Element".But I can't see us using the name with 2 boys and the 3rd an...

Thursday 18 October 07:40pm
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