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joshnic started new topic When to drop to 1 sleep a day??

Hi there, Just a quick one. My DD is 12months old on the 14th Jan & the past couple of days she has been refusing to have her arvo sleep, just screams in her cot. She usually has her 1st nap arou...

Thursday 04 January 05:51pm

joshnic started new topic Feeding & Sleeping Routine for 10.5 month old

Hi, my DD is 10.5 months old & our routine has been a little slack lately as we went away on holidays & it was hard to keep her routine. Her general routine is 6:30-7am - wake/play 7:30am - Bre...

Sunday 03 December 06:19pm

joshnic replied to topic highchair horrors

Hi, Can't really offer any advice or help. But my second boy did the same thing when he was a baby, he absolutely hated his highchair would scream everytime we put him in it, which would usually u...

Sunday 17 September 12:13pm

joshnic started new topic bedtime troubles

Hi, My DD has always been really good at going to bed at night. But for the past two nights she has played up something bad, crying & screaming for a couple of hours. The only thing that has been...

Friday 15 September 05:56am

joshnic replied to topic Refusing the boob

haven't had it happen lately, but have heard when they are teething, it hurts to suck, so that maybe the reason she is refusing the boob as she associates it with pain. But I wouldn't be too worri...

Wednesday 13 September 10:59am

joshnic replied to topic What are other peoples 8 month olds doing?

Hi my DD is 8 months in 2 days, she sits unaided has since 6 months, almost crawling gets up on all fours & trys shuffling her legs, gets very frustrated with herself. She has no teeth yet. Says...

Wednesday 13 September 10:34am

joshnic started new topic almost 8 months old & no teeth yet???

Hi there, my DD is almost 8 months old & has no teeth yet & really no signs of getting any. Both my boys had teeth by this age. Was just wondering if anyone else's 8 month old hasn't got any teeth...

Sunday 10 September 03:59pm

joshnic started new topic Nearly 3 years old, won't eat fruit & vege's?

I'm going out of my mind a little, my nearly 3 year old, is driving me crazy with his behaviour & eating habits. For the past month or so he has been refusing to eat his dinner especially his veg...

Wednesday 06 September 08:47am

joshnic started new topic Not feeling so super!!!!

Hi, Just want someone to chat to. Feeling a little down lately. I am a SAHM to three children, my reasons for feeling down is because I don't work, I don't study & have no past career or studies...

Thursday 24 August 04:58pm

joshnic replied to topic Why do kids...?

Why does my baby only have a small nap, when I lie down for a rest, yet when I'm doing housework she sleeps for over 2 hours? This is a good one, this weekend just gone my hubby was away for 3 nig...

Wednesday 23 August 04:42pm

joshnic started new topic finding it hard to lose weight, still breastfeeding!!!!

Hi, My dd is almost 7.5 months & I have been trying to lose weight since I was able to, since she was about 6 weeks old. I have been doing everything, I eat reasonably healthy (have a few little...

Wednesday 23 August 04:21pm

joshnic started new topic routine with baby No.3 not working.

Hi there, Just wanted to talk to mums with more then one bub. My DD is just over 7 months is sleeping through the night & stays awake about 2-2 1/2 hours between sleeps. What I'm finding really h...

Saturday 19 August 09:12am

joshnic replied to topic FRIENDS!

Hi there, I can defiantly relate to you, I'm 27 & also have 3 children, 2 boys & a girl all under 5. I had my first son when I was 22 & I use to feel the same way & still do when i go to playgroup...

Friday 18 August 05:59am

joshnic started new topic housework breakdown!!!

Hi All, Just wanted to have a vent. I have 3 beautiful children & lately I've been finding I don't have alot of timne to spend with them because I'm always doing some sort of housework & it's start...

Saturday 12 August 10:11am

joshnic replied to topic Anyone know of a playgroup in Hervey Bay

Hi All, I've been Hervey Bay for nearly 18 months now. And i go to 2 playgroups. One on a Tuesday called Anklebiters which is held at the Scouts hall in Andrew st, Pialba. And the other HerveyBay ...

Saturday 12 August 10:01am

joshnic replied to topic When to Start meat

My bub started solids around 5 1/2 months & she has had beef mince, chicken mince & steak seperately boiled in & pured with her veges for the past 3 weeks. She loves it so much more then just plai...

Saturday 12 August 09:43am

joshnic started new topic daytime sleep routine for 6 1/2 month old.

Hi there, I'm just curious to find out what daytime sleep routine your 6 1/2 month old has. My little girl has always been good at putting herself to sleep & having good daytime sleeps. She gener...

Tuesday 01 August 06:31am

joshnic started new topic how many breastfeeds a day for 6 +month old on solids??

Hi, Just wantedto know how many breast feeds a day should a 6 month old on solids should be having. My little girl was having 5 & that inc. an early morning feed around 4:30am. Well for the past c...

Wednesday 26 July 02:03pm

joshnic started new topic does it matter how much they're having???

Hi, My little girl is a little over 6 months & has been on solids for about 4 weeks now. I was just wondering if it matters how much they are having at each meal. She really doesn't eat alot at e...

Tuesday 25 July 02:23pm

joshnic started new topic Won't eat farex, what else can I give for breakfast??

HI, Well this baby business never seems to end. I now have my little girl eating a litlle bit of fruit for lunch & having veges & custard at dinner time pretty happily. My problem now is she won'...

Wednesday 19 July 04:44am
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