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young-mommy replied to topic I need a new washing machine UPDATED

i love my fisher and paykel water smart! it's a top loader but uses front loader detergent as it consumes less water it has a special cycle for nappies and cycles for just about anything (chocolat...

Saturday 05 March 11:46pm

young-mommy replied to topic Activities for a 2.5 year old

i give my 2.3 yrs old daughter a padlock with its bunch of keys (safer tied with kitchen string instead of the metal) and she'd spend hours putting the key in and trying to open it. also a simple ...

Thursday 04 February 09:20pm

young-mommy replied to topic breast milk question

i used to have 100 ml of formula ready for him but he usually wouldn't finish them all. their appetite varies sometimes he has half and sometimes he'd eat the whole thing. but i'm not sure if it's ...

Thursday 04 February 08:51pm

young-mommy replied to topic 17mth old Obsessed with Food

my little 2 yrs old daughter had the same problem, she always loved food but it got really bad after her baby brother was born. i rang tresillian for advice and they said it's an attention seeking...

Thursday 04 February 08:35pm

young-mommy replied to topic Started solids can I stop?

i did the same thing with my baby at 4 month hoping she'll sleep better but then i stopped after 1 week until she's 6 months old. you know what really helps my baby sleep better at night is being r...

Friday 06 June 07:21pm

young-mommy replied to topic Haemorrhoids

i had haemorroids 2 but 2 weeks after the birth they're back to doctor just gave me analgesic, he said these creams are useless cz they're gonna come out during labour anyway!! and go bac...

Thursday 20 December 09:46am

young-mommy replied to topic Tongue clean.....

get a soft towel( soft face washer) put some clean water on it, roll it around ur finger and gently clean her tongue from time to time. but u don't have to do it everyday. it's just better to avoid...

Thursday 20 December 09:32am

young-mommy replied to topic HELP, POO PAIN !!!!!

heat some olive oil (not to hot!!) rub ur babies tummy and lower back area, ur babies feet and his anus, it'll releive him straight away. try also to avoid him getting wind : burp him more often wh...

Thursday 20 December 09:26am

young-mommy replied to topic Fussing on the breast

don't let yourself have sore nipples. everytime u feel it's not right just put ur finger in his mouth to break the suction and start again keeping some pressure to hold him on the breast on the bon...

Thursday 20 December 09:18am

young-mommy replied to topic Will I ever get her off the shield?

i had to use the shields too for 2 weeks cz my breast were very engorged that she couldn't latch on properly. if u have flat nipples try squeeze around ur areola make it flat (like u do to eat a bi...

Thursday 20 December 09:08am

young-mommy replied to topic 7 week old breastfeeding 2hourly. Help!

try these they worked with me and i got my 3 weeks old to sleep all night: - i wake her up after she feeds with a nappy change or even a shower and then offer the breast again. - during a feed, kee...

Thursday 20 December 08:24am

young-mommy replied to topic Formula & Breast Milk

my little girl was born with jaundice so they had to put her in special care under a special light. meanwhile they were giving her formula mixed with my milk. so i'm pretty sure that u can do that ...

Thursday 20 December 07:56am

young-mommy started new topic has anyone experienced this?

hello it's my first pregnancy and it seems to be a real weird one! on my 38th week, the doctor checked my cervix it was fully ripe and 3 cm dilated; he said it's likely to be very close. the next w...

Wednesday 28 November 08:11am

young-mommy replied to topic 1st time mummy...helppppppppppp!

what about the wipes? is it better to take my baby and wash her bottom at every nappy change? or maybe to much washing and water several times a day could be worse for her?

Saturday 03 November 10:44am

young-mommy started new topic 1st time mummy...helppppppppppp!

wich one should i apply first when changing the nappy?: the nappy rash cream or the powder? i better start learning bits and pieces before my baby is born cz i don't have a clue!!last time i bought...

Saturday 03 November 10:12am
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